Self-writing jokes

The Wall Street Journal writes:

WASHINGTON — The Bush administration is barring private American AIDS organizations from winning federal grants to provide health services overseas unless they pledge their opposition to prostitution, as part of a broader Republican effort in recent weeks to apply conservative values to foreign-assistance programs. [Emphasis added.]

Maybe Scooby can call on Jeff Gannon, James Guckert Deuce Bigalow at the next White House press conference.


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This is just weird. We should make developing countries recite the Boy Scout Oath before receiving aid…


Hey, wasn’t that serial killer in Wichita a Boy Scout leader?


Why oh why don’t their heads explode from all the cognitive dissonance?!?!

Unstable Isotope


Perhaps they should have the White House press corps sign these releases.


Let’s not forget Dirk Diggler.


I’m surprised they don’t make them pledge their allegiance to Jesus and freedom for everyone except Americans.


Does this mean that they will be arresting all the tourists on sex tour packages leaving this country? Does this mean that they will pressure certain govt’s to clean out their sex slave sinkholes which prey on the poor and defenseless. What about prostitution in Iraq? I hear it is on the rise.

Nah! That would be too real. As we all know, they are in the business of actively evading reality. This admin is capable of being only half-assedly moral and even that only on paper. It makes them look good and image is everything for this pack of turds running our govt. They make like the jedi’s on paper but appear to be total cowards in real time.

What do they call this effort. Does it have a name yet? I suggest they call it the Nickolas Kristof Effort.


I for one welcome such action.

I am sick to death of the Ryan White AIDS Fund and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation continually encouraging me to pay for hot anal butt sex.

Really, it?s disgusting. I dread opening any correspondence I get from them. Those pictures, where do they get them from anyway?


They would never do this to private American AIDS organizations from providing health services within the US as the entire Republican Party would be dead with 18 months of the next Republican National Conference.


Lest we forget: Neilsie.


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