So long, and thanks for the all the bush

Steve of No More Mister Nice Blog writes:

It’s begun to dawn on me that there’s nothing I can do here that isn’t being done with more style, wit, and/or reportorial doggedness by dozens of others. It’s gotten harder and harder lately to say something fresh, to make a connection no one else seems to be making. And it often seems futile — the political world doesn’t pay much attention to the first-raters on the Internet left, and often snickers when it does (see: Gannon, Jeff, revelations about). I’m not in the same league as those first-raters, so I can’t imagine ever having any more impact with this blog than I’d would if I were just muttering about Bush in a bar.

I’ve enjoyed this, but I don’t read as many books as I used to, and I think and talk about this way too much. I need to move on. Maybe I’ll do something similar someday, but right now it’s time to let go.

NMMNB was one of the first blogs we discovered (back in the day,) and it had remained one of our favorites. Indeed, while we’ve often our own work, let’s say, uneven, Steve always managed to put things together in a way that made us feel we’d thought of that. Thanks.


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I’ve heard that one before. I hope he does pull a Sullivan though, and not really leave.


Yeah– even Ignatz and Billmon came back.


I can certainly identify with what Steve says.


I just saw things there that I haven’t seen anywhere else. He underrates his contribution.


What is it with “back in the deay”? It’s everywhere I turn all of a sudden and it’s driving me insane.


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