Yeah, that totally sounds like Christina Ricci’s fault

According to Michelle Malkin, if teenagers are into cutting these days, it’s because of Christina Ricci:

This madness would not be as popular as it is among young people if not for the glamorizing endorsement of nitwit celebrities such as twentysomething actress Christina Ricci. Several of the websites I researched highlighted the same quotes from Ricci describing her experiences with self-injury:

We’ll skip the comment about the fact that “several of the websites I researched” has become the wingnut way of saying “I found these on google.” Instead, we’ll see what mental health experts have to say about cutting:

Teenage girls are the most common group of cutters. Some of these girls have had an experience in their past that has led them to associate physical pain with an eventual reward. Others simply feel inadequate, unworthy and undeserving of any happiness. They are unable to assert themselves constructively […] Treatment for cutters is multifaceted. A therapist must first address the underlying causes of the behavior such as depression or anxiety, simultaneously teaching ways to control the actual behavior of cutting. Some psychiatrists and therapists have specialized experience in treating this condition.

Does anyone else want to jump in?

Self harm or self injury and attempted suicide are often symptoms of abuse. Some counsellors have found that between 50 and 90 per cent of their clients who harm themselves have been abused.

Malkin also throws out this statistic:

In Britain, health care researchers estimate that one in 10 teenagers engages in addictive self injury.

The likeliest source is The Samaritans. What do they say about “cutting?”

Self harm is a way of communicating distress about feelings that are difficult to cope with and can’t be expressed in any other way.

Of course, it’s always much simpler to blame “Hollyweird” — even when the only evidence you can offer is your firm conviction that there just has to be a politically convenient scapegoat to the problem you’ve identified.

Bonus points: Malkin writes:

According to psychiatrist Gary Litovitz, medical director of Dominion Hospital in Falls Church, Va., the growing trend here in America has alarmed school guidance counselors around the country.

Which makes it sound like she did some actual non-Google research and talked to the guy. Or maybe she just read this article he wrote:

An alarming trend is seen among adolescents, particularly teenage girls, to the point where guidance counselors around the country are seeking training and education on how to identify cutters and how to best help their students get out of this vicious cycle.

“Research.” If Malkin actually cared about this, she could have provided this link to The Samaritans’ report on cutting (PDF file.) But then people might have noticed that, amazingly, of all the reasons teenagers gave for “cutting,” neither Christina Ricci nor Angelina Jolie were mentioned. If you ask us, when we think of Angelina “cutting” isn’t what we wanna do.

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Update: More from MalkinWatch and Terminus.


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I knew people who cut themselves well before any big Hollywood people admitted they did. If anything, it’s normal Americans who have corrupted Hollywood. It’s America that owes Hollywood an apology.


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I have no expertise whatsoever in this field, but Malkin’s column just screams of a lack of understanding about this issue…Maybe instead of castigation, Ricci needs serious help. Who really needs help are the self-mutilating teenagers, mired in men…


Good catch on the Litovitz article.


Who Is the Idiot?

Is it me, or is it Michelle Malkin? Honestly, I don’t know. Please help me out.

First, read this article about “cutting” called “The New Youth Craze: Self…


Christina Riccis is yesterday’s child actress. I don’t think that 14 year old girls today even know who she is.


If Malkin really wants to do some research, she’ll cut herself and get back with us on the experience. I’d certainly pay a buck or two to see it.


I am someone who cut themself well before any big Hollywood people admitted they did. Malkin is full of shit and bloviation. The quote from Samaritans is accurate, as is the sentence immediately afterward, not quoted, that describes harming yourself as “screaming without words.” This isn’t something I’m proud of myself for, and it’s been a couple years since I lost control and did so. But there are real, valid, and largely-unexplored (at least here in America) reasons behind all of this. This isn’t some dumbfucking copycat game, and as you may be able to tell Malkin’s implication as to the contrary has me a bit upset. This is a pile of shit. Explaining this away as celebrity emulation is as worthwhile as trying to solve the underlying problem by shoving antidepressants down the throats of people like me and telling us to go get better. I don’t know how Mental Health support systems work elsewhere, but here in Jesusland they give you a prescription and tell you to come back in a few weeks, thank you, drive through. It’s enough to have on one’s plate without having your situation be exploited to reinforce someone’s political angle.


John Wayne died in the late ’70s. Since his death, lots more people have died (at least, that’s what my research indicates). I blame Hollywood for making death all trendy and “cool,” and thereby forcing the kids to join in on this fad.


Er, and Abigail, that wasn’t very funny at all.


Seph, I think you very nicely used my favorite word to describe Michelle Maladroit. Except I’d point out that she is a master of Vile Bloviation.

Many arguments from the right are amazingly offensive and stupid; sorry it was your turn to feel one.


Well, I’m used to being part of most of the blanket-smears. Liberal, anti-war, atheist, etc… most of those I’ve come to expect. I guess this is just far enough outside the realm of normal pundit-spew that it took me by surprise. That, and there are far more people speaking up for the liberals, etc. then those of us with the messed-up heads.


So does M.M. think Princess Diana cut herself because she listened to too much emo?

By the way, I hate to tell M.M., but trying to make a cheap buck off cutting is so 1997.


The US Armed Forces aren’t the only forces stretched too thin: the Conservative mimeo-robots are starting to exhaust themselves. Day after day, even the top-tier conservative writers are cranking out columns and articles that would make faculty advisors to high school newspapers despair. Material is not fact-checked (I know, I know, stop laughing), and neither is it tightly edited. There’s no disguising the attitude: here’s today’s crap, I have to catch a satellite interview.


I was cutting as an eight year old, way back in the seventies. If anything vapid faux-deep Hollywood starlets making a big deal out of it influenced me to stop, since if they were doing it, it was clearly stupid.
Malkin, too. Would she be at all interested in giving anybody any credit for complex emotional and neurochemical problems leading to self destructive behavior, or is she just too stupid to believe that anybody could come up with an idea on their own.
Never mind, rhetorical question.


A sarcastic, clearly tongue-in-cheek response to Michelle Malkin’s cutting article

Given that my previous post on the subject generated such a backlash at A Small Victory, I feel it is necessary to begin this with a disclaimer. By the kindness of providence, The Offspring have already done that for me:…


Since impressionable conservative girls started emulating Michelle Malkin in wearing boob-belts, many have disfigured themselves physically and have gone on to experiment with S&M and bizarre role-playing games by which the belt-wearer is “interned” in a leatherdaddy’s dungeon until she agrees to bite Chris Matthews’s face off.


Considering the serious nature of the underlying topic, self mutilation, I recommend researching Marsha M. Linehan, Phd., of the University of Washington. Linehan has been working in the field of behavioral therapy for the treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder, in which cutting falls. While physical and sexual abuse are sited for the majority of cases, a little known cause of BPD is something she refers to as “an invalidating environment”; something that is considered as benign as the Catholic church could be considered “an invalidating environment”; that is something that the likes of the “high conservative priestly class” like M. Malkin and A. Coulter et al have created in recent times here in this country. And yes, I was raised in an Irish Catholic family, so I know what I’m talking about.


Thank goodness there are still mental health professionals who try to offer help and understanding, as opposed to those who’ve sold their souls for the opportunity to cash in on all the scaremongering aimed at middle-class parents by cheap moralists like Maglalang.


Promotional consideration given to:

Ms. Jolie’s hair – Evans of Hollywood, accessories by Buck

Ms. Ricci’s wardrobe – Prada, accessories by
Fiskars Shears.


On one uncanny note, after having ski-boy cheney open the door to verbal abuse, I delight in telling wingnuts to go fuck themselves. Base and childish yes, yet oddly therapeutic.


Malkin continues her defense of her particular insight into “cutting” on her own blog, from which a cursory reading (…more than that, I cannot do; reading dimwits like her actually makes one stupider, and to that, I just say no!) tells me she’s downplaying the Christina Ricci and “Hollyweird” correlation with this neurosis. Knowing Malkin, this means she’s gotten some effective criticism about how hair-brained her orignal Townhall column was (my guess, from some serious professionals who wrote in to set her straight), but in usual Malkin fashion, she’s not quoting them. I wonder if Malkin is aware of the fact that observing and analysing her, in meta-Malkin fashion, some of us find a far more fascinating experience than doing a close reading of any of her drivel would ever provide.

Anyway, if Malkin decides to post any racially charged hate-mail she gets, you’ll know she’s been thoroughly discredited. But, she won’t tell you that either.


Classic Rightie behavior. You take an existing issue (teen pregnancy, homosexuality, premarital sex, drug use, self-mutilation) and instead of looking at underlying issues for which you could possibly be blamed, blame THE MEDIA! THE CULTURE OF LIBERTINISM! HOLLYWOOD!!

I had a friend who cut herself because she was filled with self-loathing and didn’t have the courage to come to her parents with her depression. Now she’s fine. It’s a mental illness, not a fad. God, Malkin is such a dithering twat.


I in no way want to defend Malkin. Hell, I in no way even want to read what she has to say! However, the incidence of self-mutilation is on the rise at the same time as there are trends developing in popular culture that might help fuel this rise. So, actually, there could very well be a correlation that would need to be studied further. Practically everything about self-mutilation needs further study at this point.

That having been said, I believe it rather inappropriate for Malkin to pervert this into some kind of political statement.


God, what a stupid wench. And how the hell did I think she was marginally attractive?

I’d ask what kind of ignorant loser would come up with something as inane as “cutting lifestyle”, but that’s already self-evident. I swear to god, there are few things I loath more than some conservative fuckwit pulling some hysterical ravings out of their ass about how teenagers are all crazed, self-destructive, violent, slutty animals. And I swear there’s more of them every month.

Hell, when I was in sixth grade, the big thing with some of the kids was to give yourself an eraser burn on your arm. But for some reason, I didn’t see bloviating fool blathering about the “eraser lifestyle”. And the people who I knew were cutters had some major issues they were struggling through, instead of following some fad the wench made up.


Michelle Malkin is an idiot. She only writes this crap because, like the rest of her ilk, she knows there are other idiots out there without a clue, always looking to blame what they choose to remain ignorant of, that will believe the swill she spews on a regular basis. All her so-called “journalism” are the same caliber as the local kook who’s always writing letters to the editor of the newspaper. What a dumbass…


Wow, what incredible insights have been offered:
“reading dimwits like her actually makes one stupider,” “what a stupid wench,” “Michelle Malkin is an idiot,” ” I in no way even want to read what she has to say.” Well, if reading “dimwits” makes one “stupider,” my visit here today must have dropped my IQ twenty percent.


Actually, IQ is an ordinal measure, not a cardinal one, so your IQ can’t drop 20%. It can drop 20 points, but…well, I think my point has been made.

Your lesson for today…people who live in stupid houses shouldn’t…run the toaster and the microwave at the same time.


How the hell else am I supposed to toast the hot dog bun, Ti-Guy? How, I ask you?


Some things only God can answer. Let us pray, Sandals.


I could never live up to my parents

An Invalidating Environment

Seb over at Sadly No has a post about some right-wing commentors take on the problem of cutting and other forms of addictive self-abuse among female adolescents: basically, they say it’s Hollywood’s fault. Wow, what a g…


I cut myself in the 80s because I was depressed because of my parents’ fighting and the invalidating Conservative catholic environment we lived in. That and general Weltschmerz brought on by reading the news and history.

–Actually, if you want to get technical, I burned myself with hot water and hot stoves, which don’t leave marks, after I got caught with the scissors. Also, you can stick a compass in pretty deep without drawing blood, if you’re careful. Xacto knives have limited usefulness, too, with extreme care.

This was after I was forced to stop other self-harming behavior like nail-biting, in the 70s. And before I learned the therapeutic value of imagining turning my school, home, town and world into an Alderaan-style cloud of expanding dust, instead. Body-slamming one’s self into a wall, absent hot water, hot surfaces, or sharp objects, can do in a pinch, too.

The guys at my schools OTOH tended to just burn themselves with cigarette lighters and stick safety pins through their skin, in order to “bleed just to know you’re alive,” which expressed a slightly different form of depression than I had, which was using pain as a self-medication in the form of a backfire, to stop myself from going postal. (and no, Columbine didn’t make me think of that fashion, this was the 80s…)

–What’s emo? Oh, and Malkin’s a retard. But we all knew that.


“Bonus points: Malkin writes:… Falls Church, Va. …”

She is aware that there is a large mosque there and the offices of a charity shut down for links to the terra wrists, isn’t she?


i used 2 cut myself,n i seriously did not do it because celebrities did it. i didnt even know they did. and when i found out, i didnt carry on doing it because it was cool or whatever. i think people need someone to blame and thats why they blame famous people etc they cant handle the fact that maybe we want to end all the fuckin pain. not necessaraly want to die,just make our selves feel a bit better. this wont make sense to anyone who hasnt self-harmed.


Well it’s been a while since anyone has posted here, but just for the record…
i’m not sure if media started making young stupid girls aware of this, or if it was the other way around, but this crazy sh*t IS becoming a fad out here in the West. i’m talking 11 & 12 year olds who do it *because the other kids are doing it* (direct quote from our 12 yr old). from what i gather, in our own experience at least, is that there are two major reasons for the self-injuring behavior… a)you have deep, dark psychological issues that need to be dealt with one way or the other or 2)you’re a jackass tween who just wants to be different like everyone else. Duh. what happened to rebelling against your parents by listening to your music too loud and dying your hair blue?

and Malkin’s article didn’t come right out and blame Ricci; i think her point was “hollywood people glamorizing this behavior certainly doesn’t help”.

seriously, what exactly is a parent supposed to do? take them to a shrink, just to have the shrink tell you a)she needs meds b)what on earth did you do to this child? or 3)she’s a jackass tween who wants to be like everyone else. this overindulgent “I dont want my kids to hate me I just want to be their friend” society we live in is f*cking up our kids, and so many of us, especially those of us who arent like that, are a loss. do we keep the tv off and play monopoly and scrabble every damn night? what about the 50% of this country that is divorced? that makes how many hundreds of thousands of children living in two homes? yeah, for 3 or 4 days a week, we can supervise her, ground her, involve her, talk to her, whatever. but what about the other half of the week when she’s at the other parent’s home and the other parent, quite frankly, is a moron? what to do, what to do? maybe if everyone stopped bitching about ONE WOMAN’S article and started speculating on “how can we stop this crazy sh*t” there wouldnt be need for any more articles like Ms Malkin’s.

Samantha Hannegan

i remember as a young kid when id get angry id dig my nails into my hand. in middle school i remember being so frustrated one time that while shaving my legs i just drug the razor sideways. when i was 16 i started cutting my thighs daily. its not an attempt to look cool. it is a sign of distress. most people who SI like to keep it as a secret. i didnt even know what i was doing meant anything. until i saw some episode of 7th heaven. then i started to research my problem. anyone who goes online and see that o look christina ricci cuts herself i think im going to do it too should be shot. if anyones that stupid im sorry they dont deserve to live. People who si like to keep there cutting on the DL so i dont know how they woudl benifit. it did help me though to know that i wasnt alone in what i was doing. i felt a little less crazy knowing there were people out there that we look up to who have the same problem. so blaming celebrities is pointless.


i am a cutter. i hide my scars and cuts from everybody because i dont want them to discover the real me. the first time i cut i hadn’t heard of anybody doing it…i just had this overwhelming urge to cause myself pain. i thought i was crazy. how could feel relief from something like that? when i broke down and told my friend a couple of days later she came to school with cuts on her wrist. she showed me and i slapped her arm. i couldn’t understand why she would do something like that to me???? people thinks its cool, hardcore to cut. they want people to ask what happened, to feel above everyone else. when really they are just fucked if they want to do something like that. SI is a problem. it is like drug abuse. our society now more accepting of recreational drug users, opens it arms to SIers. thats the problem. stupid thirteen yr olds copying their friends. who the hell would copy a hollywood actress that isn’t even *in* any more? i agree with samantha’s comment. i found relief in knowing i wasn’t the only one that cut but there is too much media on it.




Seriously, I just read this article and wanted to email the idiot.

I’m a cutter (well, trying to quit, but still) and this is so ridiculously inaccurate that I just want to like, scream at her and yet laugh at the same time.

Silly woman. I had no idea it was even a “trend” or whatever. i started freaking doing it at age nine, how could i? I had no exposure to such actresses, let alone interviews that made me go “oooh,ahhh, that looks fun”.

No, I just did it. And Christina’s right. It’s calming, and it doesn’t hurt a bit.

Maybe you need to research outside “Hollyweird” to get some actual facts, bitch…

*Takes a deep sigh*.


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