A Body Drops From The Overton Window*

Ha, Ha, Ha: Even Andrew Sullivan Say Palin “Steam-Rolled” the “Dreadful” Biden

Safe link to Dan Riehl.


Sarah Rocked: Sullivan – She Steam-rolled Biden

Sarah rocked the house. Actually, I think she took the house and shoved it up the media’s snout! heh

I had to look in to see what Andy had to say, him being her most deranged critic.


* Cf.


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Um, wow. Good thing they didn’t take Andy’s comments completely out of context.

Innocent Bystander

Gosh golly, she shure kin read her cue cards as good as she can read a teleprompter! Loved her idea of expanding the powers of the VP and not answering the questions as asked. Joe won the debate, but Sarah didn’t look stupid. I guess if you’re a true believer, that’s as good as a win.


Sarah rocked and all of you know it. Therefore, I predict a quiet thread of no more than 50 comments, +/- 10.

Oops. Too late. I have arrived. And whenever I leave a comment, the thread runs 100+ comments as all of you proggy cretins vainly try to undermine my superior wisdom.



I think it’s the eyes that makes it hilarious.


I don’t want to read Ace’s comments, but I’ve already read Sully’s. He thought Biden started off awful, but about half way thru the debate he got sick of Palin and started loving Biden. He definitely thought Biden was the big winner by the end.


That is the greatest graphic I’ve ever seen. Ever seen.

Andrew needs to stop bogarting that shit and pass it on to his beagle.


Why can’t we have a debate between Johann Schmidt and Aleister Crowley?

Pockmark Notorious

Biden pulled a rope-a-dope.


Honestly, in this mixed-up world where liberal liberalpants like Andrew Sullivan only call crazy leftists a “fifth column” instead of the greatest threat to American history since Osama bin Laden gay married Ward Churchhill, we need a visible public debate between Johann Schmidt and Fritz von Meyer.

On the value of being made out of bees vs. not having a face.

Because it would be exactly as informative, telling, and relevant as anything Palin has ever said.


Palin = didn’t pee herself on stage.



(The bar for Caribou Barbie was set pretty low.)


I was watching on CBS and they said she held her own because “she didn’t fall on her face.” Direct quote. Apparently Bernie Lomax is qualified to be vice president, at least most of the time…


Yeah- Sarah rocked. Bullshit. Her rhetoric had very little internal consistency. Case in point- she referred to the importance of the government bailout of Wall Street and then a few minutes later whines that the government is often part of the problem and stands in the way of people and businesses making a living. Which is it, Sarah? She talked about the need for more government regulation and oversight of business and then later talked about needed to shrink government and give tax cuts to businesses and business owners. It’s pretty fucking hard to conduct oversight when your government agency doesn’t have the funding it needs.

Another point she made shows her lack of understanding of microeconomics. She stated that tax cuts to businesses will allow them to increase their inventories and hire more employees. The problem is, during a recession, demand for a firm’s goods and services tends to decrease and this tends to preserve inventories and reduce the demand for labor. Why the fuck would a firm need to increase inventories or employment when demand for its goods and services is dropping? Typical conservative, supply-side bullshit.


and hoosier, its EPIC FAIL http://encyclopediadramatica.com/Epic_fail


From Sully’s final comment of the day

I began this debate feeling that she was steam-rolling him. She was. But it was a steam-roller coming at you on fumes, not real fuel. She doesn’t have it. Maybe one day she might. But not now. Biden’s peroration was very, very strong. There is no contest here.

I saw nothing happen tonight that’s really significant.
McCain effectively conceding Michigan and Obama +3 in North Carolina are much bigger news.


I’m shocked that Ace and Dan would lie like…they’ve lied so many times about so many things before.


Who thinks the moderator will be voting for Obama?


hmmm it appears I am banned from commenting on ace’s blob.


there are two points of view in politics

1. liberal: no national health insurance
2. conservative: no national health insurance

congratulations! you are liberal. therefore you get no health insurance.


Nice call, but I an only see some of your overton window sketch, its stretched under that strange ‘lady junk’ advert.


Where does the communist Red Skull fall into this equation? [important]


Oh, that was another iteration of the Red Skull. Schmidt was decidedly a Nazi.


Lobbey, the image is 700-something pixels across (which ought to fit comfortably). Is your browser window sized in narrow fashion, or something like that?


owlbear –

I think it’s the eyes that makes it hilarious.

In the graphic, or when Blinky was trying to understand what Biden was saying?


I wubs me some Overton. But to sum up (I’m a little long-winded) – it stops working when you expect society to fully adopt your dialectical synthesis absolute reframing whenever you wake up in the morning.

If you can debate you from last week, you’re doing it wrong. Never mind how many things ‘it’ can be, too.


…him being her most deranged critic.

Like Hell…1!1!!!

I’m willing to put my own goddamn B.S.D.S.* up against Sully’s — or anyone else’s, for that matter — in NY nanosecond…

or an AK attosecond!!

* Bible Spice Derangement Syndrome


When did Sullivan become the fReichtard’s Gay Friend?


If Sullivan is Palin’s most deranged critic then I would say you guys have to pick up the pace.


What does it mean, “Safe link to Dan Riehl”?

Are they really that terrified of uberlefty Andrew Sullivan that the idea of clicking a link to his website makes them shudder?

“Safe link”? Come on.

Dragon-King Wangchuck

The image of the Daily Dish Bong is made of awesome.

Thanks to a different brad for reading Sully so we can see how awful these goofs really are. Also, that last comment is the only time in in the post that Sully uses “steam-roller” at all. Next up, Sully says McCain is an incredible asshole – Right Blogistan responds by saying “even lefty moonbat Andrew Sullivan thinks that McCain is incredible!”


Hey! How’d you get that pic of me and my dogs?


Maybe they read Sullivan’s comments in reverse order. Start at the bottom, people!

I admit that I had to look up “peroration”. Looks like it doesn’t mean “foot odor” after all.


Biden pulled a rope-a-dope.

Sadly, Palin’s buzzsaw accent had many turning to the baseball game well before Biden hit his stride. Let’s hope the awful prospect of hearing her soundbites on the nightly news for the next four years will swing a few more votes Obama’s way.


The CNN/Opinion Research Corp. said 51 percent of those polled thought Biden did the best job, while 36 percent thought Palin did the best job.

That’s o.k. though- on CNN’s own website Tio Taco Ruben Navarrette, who for one welcomes his Minute Men Overlords, has proclaimed that the “tie goes to Palin”.


Errrr “For Palin, a tie is a win”.

Steven Tyler Durden

Maybe Ace & Riehl (or are they the same guy?) stopped looking at Sullivan’s blog about halfway thru…


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Hey, you actually included a [hilarious] diagram of an Overton Window. Nicely played! (polite golf clap.)


Sarah rocked and all of you know it.

No, Sarah reeked & most of us smelled it.

Even in a non-debate-debate (with cue-cards, for fuck sakes) she still sounded pretty damn smarmy & moronic. McCain made damn good & sure to jerry-rig this farce 3 ways from Sunday & she still sucked serious ass.

PROTIP: International crises do not come with CliffsNotes, nor is “I’ll get back to ya on that” an acceptable response to them.


Oh, that was another iteration of the Red Skull. Schmidt was decidedly a Nazi.

Yeah, so he belongs slightly to the left of Sully. See, you are also mistaken in suggesting that there even is such a thing as too far right.

Turbine Yukon Palin

That picture is brilliant.


Brilliant picture, yes.

And an utterly genius title to go with it. Bravo.


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