No, not the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen again!

First it was Adam Yoshida — now it’s Kaye Grogan’s [aka The Editors’ secret wife] turn to suggest a new alliance is needed:

An overwhelming majority of Americans believe the United States should ditch this unpopular group of nations, and reorganize with real allies, not a bunch of artificial pretenders.

Time to say goodbye to the UN — the saccharine of international alliances. And then the medication starts to wear off:

If anyone really believes there were not WMD’s originally in Iraq, then they must enjoy being in denial. Common sense should tell at least some of us, no one goes to war or threatens war with just a few missiles that would fizzle out like a bad batch of fireworks, before they would hit their target. I mean come on ? get out of the dark ages and face reality!

“Originally.” We guess we’d better get out of here before Germany is attacked again for “originally” having a Nazi government.

The threats against the United States are as real as a heart attack, and to think otherwise is pure nonsense!

So real, Kaye has to use a lot of !!!, to be sure you get it!!!

It seems mighty strange, many terrorists involved in the terrorist acts ended up being captured in Iraq.

Kaye, you forgot !!!.

Terrorists are not deserving of kid-glove treatment from us.

Yeah, they have it way too easy. Time for our old classic (!) — Sadly, No! Gipsy. (6MB Flash file.)


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I think the best part was her description of the post-apocalyptic world which we will find if we don’t take terrorism seriously:

And by the time you’re forced to wear gas masks, it will be all over, but the burying ? if there is anyone still around to perform the unpopular, dutiful task. All of the underground palaces in the world, are not going to matter when the ones saved from a nuclear war emerge after all life and vegetation is gone on earth. It will just be a slower painful death they will have to endure.

Hah! Take that! A harsh rebuke to all you liberals who think we should have been building underground palaces instead of fighting terror! Thanks Kaye for finally taking a stand against the Palace Building Liberal Elite! (And thanks for, using commas whenever, you feel necessary!!!)


Who knows . . . maybe Saddam’s “Weapons of Mass Destruction” are sitting in some gigantic warehouse in another country…

Wow, whoever buys the boxes marked “kitchenware” at the unpaid rental auction is going to be really surprised.


Did you SEE the title of Carey Roberts’ latest column?!

Well, if you didn’t, here it is, in all its horrifying, Absorb-Shun-y glory:

“The Pink Pussy Cat Bares Her Fangs.”


artificial pretenders?

Um wouldn’t that be pretenders who are real?

Like Chrissie Hynde?


That flash file was amazing!


Pure Caviar! What an writer! What a, incredible command of the English — language! And punctuation? I bet her Whitehouse permanent press pass is in the mail even as we speak.


Damn you, Brad. You forced me to click that link and not only endure the sight of Gramps Roberts’ ugly face but also find out he wasn’t referring to Eartha Kitt or Julie Newmar. Rowwrrr.


Grandpa Carey writes like a gossip columnist.


Oy. Grandpa Carey’s observations on the Vagina Monologues are insane.


You know, it’s crossed my mind more than once that at least some of this barrage of stupidity from the Right is intentional, is meant to get sane people to throw up their hands in despair. Well, it’s working according to plan. I’m getting so tired of arguing with these dipshits that I’m starting to walk away from prolonged exposure to these insults to sense. I mean, when it’s as relentless as it’s been you go from disgust to pity and then you start wondering if you should just swallow a bullet to SHUT THEM THE FUCK UP!!!!!

Or maybe that’s just my take on it?

I mean, they they are, standing there as pleased as punch, saying that my unwillingness to believe that there were WMD’s in Iraq (you know the ones we went to war over?) is because *I’m* in denial? These mutherfukkers are being INTENTIONALLY stupid……….Maybe Darwin was wrong after all.


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