All those countries look the same

You say Iran, I say Iraq:


Thanks to Blair for the pic.


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O/T, but just a reminder: it’s Feb. 19th.

teh l4m3


It’s a good thing that they’ll both soon be part that new freedom loving country called Bushatopia, and we won’t have to worry about making these kinds of mistakes any more.


What? This article was written by Eichmann?


Compare the language in that piece with the language in an article from yesterday’s Reuter’s…

They didn’t even bother to write a fresh script.


Wait, I’m a dork… never mind.


What? This article was written by Eichmann?

No, no, no — it was written by “little Eichmanns.” Much like Don Marquis’ Archy, they can’t quite reach the keys on a keyboard, so sometimes little typos like “Iraq” or “US Not Planning to Attack Iran” slip in. They are also too busy killing Palestinian children by proxy to proof-read.


AP digging around in it’s files again for stories because they are afraid that their reporters may be killed off by the us military (as CNN’s Jordan speculated) and they feel that their reporters are not expendable?

When was this from – March 2003?


Let’s call the whole thing off


I don’t mean to defend Bush, who is certainly pretty stupid, but I think that Riechmann and her editor are to blame here.


I’ve long suspected that the AP uses middle school interns to write its wire stories. Many of them are so riddled with grammar and spelling errors, and composed in such a plodding, pre-literate style, that it is difficult to believe that they are written by adults.


as said by Monty Python: “oh what a give away!”


No big deal, we will also be shown the same satellite images of possible WMD


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