Live from Hamburg, it’s Sadly, No!

Looks like Bush picked the wrong week to continue being a flip flopping liar.

President Bush, Feb. 12, 2005:

I will work with members of Congress and listen to any good idea that does not include raising payroll taxes.

President Bush, Feb. 16, 2005:

President Bush says he has not ruled out raising taxes on those who earn more than $90,000 a year to help bolster Social Security’s finances.

President Bush, Dec. 11, 2004:

Secondly, we must not increase payroll taxes, because higher taxes would slow economic growth.

President Bush, Feb. 16, 2005:

U.S. President George W. Bush suggested in an interview published on Wednesday he may be open to raising the cap on Social Security taxes paid by high-income earners.

President Bush, Feb. 5, 2005:

We will not increase payroll taxes.

President Bush, Feb. 16, 2005:

[White House spokesman Trent] Duffy said that while Bush is open to talking about such ideas as the raising the payroll tax cap, “that doesn’t mean he’s embraced it.”



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