On Peut Dire Que SUN Esprit Brille Aux Dépens De Sa Mémoire*

Here’s Scott “We Keep Forgetting Which One Is Scott Johnson” Johnson of Powerline:

Setting of the Sun

After six-and-a-half years of punching well above its weight, the New York Sun ceased publication yesterday. Editor Seth Lipsky saluted the newspaper’s troops, investors and readers in “Ideal of the sccop.” Someone needs to salute Lipsky himself for running a newspaper that set an example of decency and rigor in the course of its too short life.

Well fine, then.

Above: Let us this day salute Seth Lipsky

* Cf. It was difficult to find a dumber pun than Johnson’s, and I’m not sure we succeeded.


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l’esprit d’escalier, au moins de droite




Someone needs to salute Lipsky himself for running a newspaper that set an example of decency and rigor in the course of its too short life.

*extending middle finger*

Set on this, Sun.


Set on this, Sun.

Really, Gavin, how hard was that? Dieu et mon twat, and all that.


Oh noes!

A newspaper that supported wingnut points of view is going down.


May there be more where that came from.


May the Sun permanantly set on the Republican Party and conservative politics.


So, does Gavin have a computer or just a REALLY cool abacus with WiFi?



Behold the Invisible Hand, doin’ its job. INVISIBLE HAND JOB, do not want? TSOL.


So, does Gavin have a computer or just a REALLY cool abacus with WiFi?

Curious minds want to know! Marita’s got my email if you’re still in a bind.

Doctor Missus Marita

Sorry I haven’t e-mailed you back, Kenga. A few non-computer-related catastrophes have hit since last I commented…

Gavin does not have his laptop back, but the computer repair guy got on the phone with the place we ordered the new motherboard from, told them they had shipped a bad one, and negotiated a swap. Whether this will fix the problem, I don’t know, but that seems to point toward good faith on repair guy’s end. We’re now waiting for the new board to come. Will keep you all posted.

As for Gavin’s high-powered abacus, I have a friend who owns a few computers that is currently writing his thesis. He was kind enough to loan Gavin a desktop PC; I suspect it’s the one he normally uses for gaming. We’re um… totally doing him a favor by removing that temptation from his sight while he finishes writing, or something.

And for anyone who isn’t psyched about the ads, I’d like to point out that if you click through to the ad purchasing info, S,N!’s ads are currently absurdly cheap. Any of you who wanted to invest a small sum could put any sort of prank ad you wanted to over on that sidebar for a week or two. I’m sure for a modest amount Gav would even provide you with a photoshop for the ad. So you all could fill that ad bar with giant sammiches, if you really wanted.


One Can Say That the Sun Shines At the expense Of Its Memory

This is how Babelfish translated the French title of this post.

I don’t speak French, and neither does Babelfish, really.

Did Babelfish get it right, or am I missing teh funny?


Clicked the cf.

I am teh stoopid.

I still dongetit.


harvick ganttifanakis

Are we sure that Lipsky is not the love child of Jesse?




Neither do I, it must be some elitist thing about knowing stuff and whatnot.

What do we want? Answers!

When do we want them? Now!

Or else we stoopids are going to go in the corner and weep at our shunning by the elitists. 🙁


They replaced the French for “his” with the similar word “Sun” and made the quote make no sense.

It is a worse pun, incidentally.


If Sarah Palin hadn’t thrown away that subscription notice because it lacked any photos of delicious pizza, none of this would have happened.


“Decency” and the Sun? jeez, the self-deception among these people.



See El Cid’s comment up above. It refers to someone thinking of a witty rejoinder on his way down the stairs. Too late. We’ve You’ve all been there, I’m sure. Gavin’s quote is about someone similar who pretends that he didn’t think of the comeback too late but instead whipped it out on the spot. So he’s wittier in his (false) memory than he was in the original circumstance.


I live in NYC.
I have never read the Sun.
Did I miss much?


I want a blink tag too!


Another one for the Obama Death List!


I am compelled to point out that Euripides misspelled his own name.

Also: actor212 has a twat? Who knew!


actor212 has is a twat



Well, here we go…the marketplace of ideas has spoken. And it has decreed that right-wing ideas, regardless of all the marketing hoopla…DO NOT WORK.



OT, but fun for the whole family:

This series looks totally awesome!

I can barely wait to find out who takes the Championship!


There’s a 50/50 chance of Sarah Palin quoting Larry the Cable Guy tonight. VP-Git-r-done!!!


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