Anything else?

President Bush says:

Bush Criticizes Syria, Iran As Instable

This was followed by Bush criticizes water as wet along with Bush criticizes Jeff Ganon for having a big schlong, with our personal favorite President Bush criticizes Ann Coulter for abnormally large Adam’s apple coming in last.


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Bush criticizes Carey Roberts as “old.”


Bush, Wiggum: Me Fail English? That’s Unpossible!

(“Instable”? Something wrong with “unstable”?)


Bush criticizes hot wings as “good”

Bush criticizes Cheney’s face as “wonky”


Bush Criticizes US for destablizing Syria, Iran

Bush Criticizes Own Administrations Instability: “I didn’t really win the last election and I only won this one because of fear- and hate-mongering”


Bush Criticizes Uranium-226 as Instable

Dad-dum-ching. Thank you. Thank you.


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