Yeah, those too

David Frum opens up a can of worms and spills it all over himself:

True story: I arrive at a Washington DC office building this morning. The guard asks me to show ID so he can sign me in. I produce a driver?s license. He says: “Sorry I can?t read small type ? would you mind spelling out your name for me?” I reply, “Sure. A-b-r-a-h-a-m, L-i-n …” Okay, that last part I made up. But is anybody else getting the impression that some of these so-called office security policies are kind of beside the point?

Never mind office security policies — have you looked at so-called national security policies lately?


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uh, no, in this case I do not think that office security policies are beside the point. If Frum does not like it, he should find another job. Then he might actually discover what an insufferable, unemployable, uninteresting, despicable blowhard he really is.


Maybe he can be a press whore and just make up a name


The preznit likes to give reporters nicknames. What do you think Gannon’s was? Studly?


Nah. He was Bush’s Man-date.

(Drumroll please)


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