How to succeed in blogging without really trying

Where we resist the urge to do anything ourselves and instead just tell you what other people are doing.

Yamantaka at offers a review of The Politically-Incorrect Guide to American History:

PC propagandists may have re-written American history, but this book is completely different. It’s written by a non-PC propagandist!

Norbizness looks at higher education:

I might have mentioned this previously… I knew a guy in a work environment back in the day who insisted that the Earth was no more than 10,000 years old, and that dinosaur fossils were placed their to test our faith. Evidently, four years of university had not dulled his desire to say whatever crazy shit popped into his head. Patient explanations… yelling at him… showing him “scientific” articles… it all went into his personal, perpetual victimization machine.

Crooks and Liars looks at another variation of “They fooled me, Jerry!” *

The government “painted this wonderful picture of private accounts,” Pardo said. “They fooled me. They fooled us all.” ..

Finally, uggabugga wants his Obesity TV:

If you pay for cable TV, then presumably you are informed about child obesity. If you don’t pay for cable TV, then Bush says you should – no matter how dire your financial situation is.


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The Politically Incorrect Guide is pro-Confederacy book. I guess its target market is guys in the south who wave around Confederate flags.


Now I realize that there are way too many of us monkeys typing for me to avoid accidentally repeating someone elses Shakespearian originality now and then [oh, no, Shakespere and his sister may come after me for that!?] but what REALLY is annoying is that you are demonstrating actual “not-caring” where as I could not hide how much I cared.

(…just figured I would tell you what I was doing !-)


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