Knock it off, you unbelievable jerks!

Apparently, abusing our good name knows no end! The culprit this time? The Onion:

Director: Stephen T. Kay (PG-13, 86 min.)
Cast: Barry Watson, Emily Deschanel, Skye McCole Bartusiak

With a name like that it’s got to be good, right? Sadly, no.

Thanks to Doug G. for the link. (Added link.)


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Almost all of these pretenders fail to capitalize “No.”


They leave off the exclamation point too! How dare they!?!

The Onion, today’s satire tomorrow’s headline.


You need a crack team of lawyers to protect your trademark. The attorneys I office-bitch for mostly handle biotech patents, so I don’t think they’d be much of a help. Maybe Professor Reynolds could hook you up…


So Doug Giles is sending you heads-ups? Oh, Seb, how easily bought you are.


Hey, it’s “Gillett,” not “Giles” . . . “Miss Jackson” if you’re nasty.


Hey, I found this in your archives! You clearly put “onion” (well, “onions”) in without referencing The Onion.

“KHALIL: Oh, understand the cruel logic, brothers and sisters. We are beaten and defiled, yet the Crusader armies are the ones who suffer. Oh what pain they endure, lolling in the cool marble of Saddam’s palaces eating their soggy patties of ground festering pigflesh with a reeking “special sauce”, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun. Oh, how they writhe in the torment of twenty hells filling their fat bellies with the gaseous liquid evil of Coca Cola and alcoholic drinks while our sickened and hungry children cry for a cup of boiled barleygrain.


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