Review of Reviewers

Tim Lambert shoots… and scores (again.) It’s almost enough to make us feel bad for Mary Rosh Washingtonian John Lott:

This one is from Philadelphia, just like Mary Rosh?s review. Did you notice the name of the reviewer? maximcl would be Maxim C. Lott, John Lott?s son, the ?Ma? in MaRy RoSh. The same son who Lott tried to blame for the Mary Rosh review. Now it is obvious from the writing style that John and not fourteen-year-old Maxim wrote it, but anyone who wants to argue that Maxim did write it has to face the fact that it begins ?As an academic? and fourteen is too young to be an academic.

We hate to say it, but read the whole thing. And be glad Tim Lambert isn’t on your case.


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