You like freedom? Me too!

Then we can be super duper bestest buddies:

WASHINGTON – President Bush is asking Congress to set up a $400 million fund to reward nations that have taken political and economic risks to join U.S.-led coalitions in Iraq and Afghanistan. […]

“Poland has been a fantastic ally because the president and the people of Poland love freedom,” Bush said during his Oval Office meeting with Kwasniewski, a staunch ally in the Iraq war. [Emphasis added, payoff in the original.]

(8) That’s what friends are for… (8)

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Wait, no fair! Australia sent troops to Afghanistan and Iraq and all we got is American drug companies trying to force us to raise drug prices!
Where’s my $400,000,000?


400 000 000.00$? For all of them? Geez, I knew the Coalition of the Willing was made up of dime-a-dozen tarts, but this won’t even cover the Astroglide they had to buy.


Hey, Ti-Guy the money was just a token to demonstrate that George Bush hasn’t forgotten Poland. And what he hasn’t forgotten about Poland is that Poland loves freedom. And it’s hard work remembering that Poland loves freedom. Really hard work. Want some wood?


If you just think of it as paying off 1700 armed journalists we’re actually getting off pretty cheap.


I don’t know about you guys, but I sure give my friends money just for being friends with me!


Yeah . . . Poland hearts freedom. And they are our ally.

Mr. Bush, can you go back and explain why Saudi Arabia is still our bestest friend?


A. Isn’t this illegal?

B. Haven’t we already paid off those members of the coalition we bribed instead of bullied?

Then again, Little Lord Bush probably wouldn’t have any friends if it weren’t for Prescott’s and Bush Sr.’s moolah.

lol, teh l4m3

P.S. Today I’m whoring for Montserrat.


Poland loves freedom? Then that whole “heavily fining a newspaper writer for making cracks about the Pope” thing must have been a prank.


No more “You forgot Poland”. It’s getting old, Mr. Prez.


Seems like Yahoo! changed the story that link points to.


So I take it that the rulers of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Uzbekistan etc are all “people. . .who love freedom” according to Bush Lexicon?

I am so glad he cleared this up. I was under the impression that we were going to have to gut a whole lot of social programs so that aWol could pay for his war in Iraq. Clearly, the tallying of the tab is not complete. We need to pay more. Fucking jerk. When do we get any of these taxes back as social spending right here in the ole US of A?!! Let Bush the Moron buy his friends on his own pappy’s money.



You know, this whole Poland *hearts* Freedom thing might be a huge linguistic miscommunication. I believe the Polish word for Frito, declined in the instrumental is Fritem, which sounds a lot like “Freedom”, so maybe the Poles think Bush is telling them (in bad Polish, which would be more than expected) that they like Fritos. And why not? They’re crunchy and delicious.

Hey, Bush has said way more inane things than that.


When the war’s over, they can do our homework and mow our lawns because they love freedom so much.


Whenever Bush admonishes the rest of us for forgetting Poland, I like to think about what Kwasniewski said about WMD:

“They deceived us about the weapons of mass destruction, that’s true. We were taken for a ride.”


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