Wink wink, nudge nudge

Kaye Grogan is back — and she’s horny. Brad Reed has all the AbsorbShuned details:

It’s one thing to go and buy the filth, and another all together, to have it shoved “unwillingly” down your throat.


Well honey (Whatcha got Mr. Mans)
I got a lot of money (I don’t see no keys in my hands)
Could you be my nasty girl
And let me do that dirty dance witchu (If you want just give me money)


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EXCUSE ME, but I want NOTHING TO DO with AbsorbShun! Sure, I’d like to make my dong feel bigger, but not that much!

Now, Spur-M… that’s another story…


Kaye only wants to see sexual encounters with fully-clothed people.

There are websites for that. I’m serious. Look it up. You think I’m joking? Well damn you to hell!


“What’s” with ” all the” arbitrary “quotation” marks in this woman’s “writing”, “anyway”? What a “loony”.


These loony-toons can’t stop visiting porno sites on the web. This one here talks about all the vile, disgusting things that are out there and yet, oddly, I don’t come across much of it because…wait for it…I don’t click on the links. Kaye Grogan sounds like she spends her days in such a hot, wet frenzy of porno-link clicking that I bet she has to order Absorbshun in bulk.



Yes, the inexplicable quotation marks, random comma placement, and odd phrasing (“magnitude of corruption”) mark Kaye’s distinctive style. She’s the most entertaining wingnut writer since Annie (“there are Middle Eastern-looking men on my plane!”) Jacobson.


I dunno- I agree with the lady. I’m sick of having Jesus and Chicken Soup for the Soul shoved down my throat.

It’s one thing to go and buy the schmalz . . .


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