Too hot for Sadly!

This post is so controversial we had to hide the entire thing in the extended entry!

Wife: AbsorbShun is a sauce thickener.
Husband: AbsorbShun is a penis enhancer.
Wife: It’s a sauce thickener!
Husband: It’s a penis enhancer!
Wife: Sauce thickener!
Husband: Penis Enhancer!
Spokeman: Hey, hey, hey, calm down, you two. AbsorbShun is both a sauce thickener and a penis enhancer! Here, I’ll spray some in your sauce bechamel… and some on your penis.
Husband: Wow, I feel huge!
Wife: And just look at that sauce! But will it last?
Spokesman: Hey, outlasts every other sauce thickener, 2 to 1. It’s durable, and it’s taste free.
Husband: Wow, I feel huge!
Spokesman: Sure you do! Perks up any penis, from Ann Coulter’s to Scott Kass’!
Wife: Made from an exclusive non-yellowing formula.
Husband: I haven’t even touched my wife and I’m ready for more!
Wife: But what about bouillabaise?
Spokesman: Bouillabaise, fish sauces, any kind of sauce, all thickened with a sprinkle.
Husband: Oh, sorry, honey, I don’t feel so huge anymore.
Wife: Oh, no problem, sweetheart, not with AbsorbShun!
Spokesman: AbsorbShun, for the biggest penis you’ve ever stirred!


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OK, you’ve convinced me! I’m sending away for my free AbsorbShun trial! I wanna do it in combo with Spur-M, though. Just imagine- feeling THAT HUGE AND blowing a huge lo… OK, I’m gonna stop now…


But does AbsorbShun work well with Placenta Helper?


oh, yeah. placenta helper — but, it’s pretty good on its own too…


Was this, perchance, inspired by the classic “Saturday Night Live” skit about “Shimmer”(“It’s a dessert topping!” “No, It’s a floor wax!” “It’s a dessert topping, you cow!”)


how?….wha?….uh jeez!

Does she have balls? Uh, I guess all I can say is, Sadly, Yes!


With Absorb-shun, you can add pizzazz to any entree. It’s as at home in the kitchen as it is in the bedroom.

Absorb-Shun: it’s not just your mama’s cooter clincher!


What people do in the bedroom is up to them but they’re out of their tiny heads if they’re going to use it in a Bouillabaise.


But I want a BIG Bouillabaise!

Paul Simon Markham

Wish I had a bigger one, then my wife wouldnt have to look at Latino hunks. Maybe the fact Im so fat is making my thing look smaller.


where can i purchase abrorbshun at?


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