Nice try, fucksticks!

If there’s one thing everyone agrees on in WingNutLand, it’s that credit must never be given to Clinton under any circumstances. Today’s WSJ provides as good an example as one can get:

In fact, the last time Congress showed any budget discipline at all was the last time there was a large deficit, in the mid-1990s. Once “the surplus” arrived, however, both the Clinton Administration and the GOP Congress went back on the sauce, and the spending boom continued in the early Bush years. [link — subscription required]

To make their point, the fucksticks good people of the WSJ provide a graph showing government spending as a percentage of GDP. Fair enough — if that’s the measure they want to use, we say let’s go, baby! Because it may sometimes be difficult to tell exactly what was going year to year from the graph, we provide this handy table. In what year, using the WSJ’s own yardstick, did federal spending increase? (CBO link)

YEARGovernment Spending (% GDP)


+0.1% in 2001 — some fucking sauce. Of course, that beats having to admit that over the last 25 years the government is at its most fiscally irresponsible when a Republican is in the White House.

Bonus points: From the Department of self-delusion:

A good Washington rule of thumb is that the value of any budget proposal is directly proportional to the screaming in Congress against it. By that measure, and acknowledging the low bar, this is by far the best budget of the Bush era. To make it stick, however, Mr. Bush will have to play hardball and threaten if not cast a veto or two. The sooner the better.

Bush has got as much chance of casting a meaningful veto as Condi Rice does of getting a half decent haircut. [John Stossel] Give us a break! [/John Stossel]


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Bush has got as much chance of casting a meaningful veto as Condi Rice does of getting a half decent haircut.

Hmmmm, maybe that’s why she was prancing around Paris today?


I read this editorial on the train this morning and burst out laughing (I got lotsa funny looks too- the Wall Street Journal isn’t known for being very funny).

The larger point they were making- that it’s good to plunge the nation into massive debt so we can shrink the government- is as funny as their math.


Please, no more John Stossel imagery!! AAAAH!


Please, no more John Stossel imagery!! AAAAH!

It was either that or more AbsorbShun.


OK…my keyboard is now filled with caffeinated beverage.

Thanks for the laugh.


I’d wager dollars to donuts that last pic link is from the trailer for Stoss vs. Raven II: Hardhat Required…


While they aren’t quite saying it, it sounds like they’re insinuating that Clinton was the one who increased the spending while Bush was president.


the only time clinton was right was when he said iraq had wmd’s. otherwise, everything else he did was crap and must be dismantled.


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