You want short and dumb, or long and snarky?

In response to Instapundit’s latest:

Academics are supposed to be skeptical and questioning, even about their own societies. But there’s a big difference between being skeptical — which requires actual thought — and being adversarial, which requires only contradiction. [Emphasis added]

We can provide the former:

Man: Look this isn’t an argument.
Mr Vibrating: Yes it is.
Man: No it isn’t, it’s just contradiction.
Mr Vibrating: No it isn’t.
Man: Yes it is.
Mr Vibrating: It is not.
Man: It is. You just contradicted me.
Mr Vibrating: No I didn’t.
Man: Ooh, you did!

Roy Edroso provides the latter:

Which would those be? Why, the elitist ones, of course: what place has elitism in an institution of higher learning? One can see the torch glimmering in his hand as the Perfesser points out to the pointy-heads that he has a whole army of citizens behind him who will happily supply them with a list of permissible attitudes and subjects for discussion:



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