This is why we love the Wolcott

On the topic of Michael Medved’s memoirs, James Wolcott writes:

I wasn’t aware Medved’s life was controversial; perhaps he mistakes a nation’s indifference for indignation […]

In the last graf, Stein writes, “Even many of his readers who hold very different political and social views will concede, grudgingly, the quality of Medved’s intellect.”

Like fuck we will…


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Medved so wishes he was Dick Morris.


Just for the toe sucking, Melior, just for the toe sucking.


Wow, with Medved and Simon on the case, the Horwitzian “My journery to wingnuttery” is going to be *really* lame when Michael Totten writes his version…


I must have been sleeping when this fucktard was told that going from crappy film reviews to lofty social commenatry was a good idea.
It’s not.


I have difficulty accepting that Medved and Intellect live in the same envelope and share breathing space. Therefore, I am not going to violate my inner integrity trying to force these two unlike, antipodal elements into the same room, let alone the same universe.


Come on, the guy has gone through life named “Teddy Bear”, it was bound to affect him. [His last name is literally “Bear” in Russian, and the stuffed variety are called Mickey]. His basic problem is that he can[‘t tell the real world from cinema and he doesn’t understand either.


Hey, come on now; His inclusion of Last Year at Marienbad in his seminal volume The Golden Turkey Awrds (Or possibly the sequel; I forget) sparked plenty of controversy among the members of the liberal elite who like to watch people make fun of bad movies. There’s a surprising overlap between the two groups.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 forever!


Actually, it was his brother Harry Medved who included “Last Year At Marienbad” in “The Fifty Worst Films of All Time”, and book the then 19-year-old co-wrote with Randy Dreyfuss. Harry and Michael co-wrote “The Golden Turkey Awards” a couple years later.
And hey, we CAN concede the quality of Mike Medved’s intellect-we can concede he’s an intellectual pinhead, right?


“A book”, not “AND book”. Don’t know where the extra letters came from.


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