Lionel Osborne is now the President

Via Atrios:

In Omaha on Friday, a divorced single mother named Mary Mornin tells the president, “I have one child, Robbie, who is mentally challenged, and I have two daughters.”

“Fantastic,” the president exclaims, and he tells her she has “the hardest job in America, being a single mom.”


Abdul Kareem Gaines : No, we used to allow only blacks, but dude again due to a lack of participation we had to make our organization more inclusive. We now allow white people, and we?re encouraging even the Hispanic community to give us a look.

Lionel Osborne : That is fantastic!

Abdul Kareem Gaines : Yeah we had to change the rules a little because we had got into a lot of fight with financial support from organizations like the Maryknoll Sisters and the Mount Olive Lutheran Church of Racine, Wisconsin.

Lionel Osborne : Fantastic! [ Turns to camera ] If you?re joining us it’s 4:47 in the A.M and you’re watching “Perspectives”. I?m your host Lionel Osbourne, and my guest today is Abdul Kareem Gaines, founder of the “The Brotherhood for Responsible Brothers who are Fathers”. They’re celebrating their first anniversary this week, which will be held at Abdul?s apartment. Everyone is welcome to attend and anyone can join!

Abdul Kareem Gaines : No Asian!

Lionel Osborne : That’s fantastic! Now are you a father Abdul?


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I don’t even know what you’re talking about but it’s still funny.


It’s an old SNL skit with Tim Meadows – “Perspectives”. I liked the one when they were talking to the baseball player about Jackie Robinson: “People used to yell racial slurs at him from the stands.”



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