Shorter Peggy Noonan

Normal Service Resumed — The George Bush the nation re-elected is back.

Just shut up. You had me at freedom.

As always, thanks to busy, busy, busy for the inspiration.


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Liberal AND Proud

I guess she got turned over Karl Rove’s knee.


As always, World of Crap has an excellent review of Peggy as well…


Little Big Man?


Hey Seb-
Mary Mostert has a winner of a column today called “Social Security can’t be fixed with 1936 thinking.”

(We’re used to outside-the-box thinking from Mary. You may remember her idea of putting homosexuals, fornicators and drug addicts into internment camps to stop the spread of AIDS, or her suggestion that Alan Keyes is the intellectual heir to Abe Lincoln because he wants to ban abortion and gay marriage.)

Anywho, here’s Mary’s “idea” for fixing social security:

“If the purpose of Social Security was to help the “middle” generation take care of aging parents while raising their own children, why should adults who have NO children get Social Security anyway? They didn’t produce children that had to be fed, clothed and educated. Those without children did not have the expenses of raising them. The childless could have used the approximately $100,000 it takes per child these days to get them through high school to invest for their retirement years.”

Even though the government uses payroll taxes from every worker to cover current retirees’ benefits, the workers themselves should not be guaranteed benefits unless they pop out a bunch of kids. Genius!

Once again, I don’t know why our mainstream “media” hasn’t jumped all over this idea- if you want outside-the-box thinking, you’ll just have to go to Renew America.


That’s genius. Do you think it even occurred to Mary that the purpose of social security is not to “help the ‘middle’ generation take care of aging parents”, but to help the older generation? That’s why they get the benefits, not the middle generation. Perhaps people who don’t have family shouldn’t get Medicare or Medicaid either.


Ginger- I think we could make her idea EXTRA wingnutty by taking away money from people who have abortions. After all, if SS benefits should be indexed to child production, having an abortion would yield a negative.

I’m very, very tempted to e-mail this idea to her, except I’m worried that it would end up as a Rick Santorum-added rider in the final bill…


My favorite comment in Noonerland.

Are some of these people for real?

My Young Bushie
Patricia Foster – Greenwich, Conn.

Thank you, Ms. Noonan, for such a beautiful article that illuminates why many already believe that President Bush will be considered one of our greatest presidents as history unfolds. My teenage daughter watched the State of the Union speech as required by her history teacher. I told her we are watching a great president, who has courage, character and vision. We talked about what makes a great leader. Years to come, I hope she remembers watching this speech. She is a young “Bushie” who proudly engaged in delightful “shouting matches” with her peers during the recent campaign. At times she would gleefully announce that she found another friend is also a supporter of President Bush.

I am proud to be an American especially now. Thank you President Bush. Our country needs you now more than ever!




Nooners is writing pro-Bush again. This must mean that Screamer O’Reilly has presented her with one of his O’Reilly’s Special Vibrator.


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