Is there some way to prevent stupidity?

JB Williams could use your help:

Not liberals, not conservatives, nobody has been able to fully balance the national budget since our national debt began more than 60 years ago. […] The federal budget can not be balanced because there is not enough money in America to pay for everything someone?s constituent wants. [Emphasis added, delusions in the original.]

Nobody? Behold the Clenis!

WASHINGTON (CNN) — President Clinton announced Wednesday that the federal budget surplus for fiscal year 2000 amounted to at least $230 billion, making it the largest in U.S. history and topping last year’s record surplus of $122.7 billion.

Don’t call now though, because JB has decided to out-stupid every single fuckstick ever figured on Sadly, No!:

So that liberals can be free to sleep with whoever they want, we have to pay for AIDS.

Is that a wingnut, or what?

Want to “prevent” the next 9/11? Easy, remove terror as a means of political discourse in the world…

Want to feel like you have a big penis? Easy, use AbsorbShun!

Those now classified in America as “the rich”, (making more than $50,000 a year), find themselves living on roughly half of what they actually earn in order to fund a government that liberals have made responsible for all their self-inflicted ills.

Those making over $50,000 a year are classified as the rich? Rush Limbaugh did that. As for the tax liability of someone declaring a taxable income of $50,000, let’s just say that the answer to JB’s claim is best summed up as… Sadly, No!

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Got a link to the original JB Williams text?


You’re looking only at federal income taxes. If you look at total tax load, including state income taxes, employee’s share of payroll taxes, and sales taxes, a single person could end up paying ~30% to ~40% of their total income in taxes at $50k of taxable income.

Close enough to eat up all except “roughly half” of that $50k? Mebbe. . .


Don’t forget property tax, Dan. A lot of people (including my wife and me) pay more in property taxes than they do in state income taxes.


Want to feel like you have a big penis?

I can see how anyone bedding down with the equine Cynthia would need something to increase (or seemingly increase) penis size. Yikes. Fantasizing about other women will only get one so far . . .


Lol – JB used “the rich” and earn in the same sentence? If you have to earn then you aren’t rich.


Seems to me that there were balanced budgets under Dwight D. Eisenhower (President from 1953-61, had a Vice-President who helped make Arnold Schwarzenegger a Republican), too.

Maybe people think that if they don’t know history they’re not doomed to repeat it, because they won’t know they’re repeating it.

And, of course, in the long run, we’ll all be dead, anyway!


50L/year = rich? I’d love to live in that state!

Here in Texas, our cost of living is very low. Still, a small three bedroom house in a good school district will cost you at least 75K. In a “nice” neighborhood, you’re paying at least 100K.

In my opinion, if your annual salary is only half the value of your house, you ain’t rich.

If your annual salary is less than a year’s edcuation at an Ivy League college, you ain’t rich.

If your annual salary is less than the price of a Lexus, you ain’t rich.

If your annual salary is less than four times the price of a Honda Civic, you ain’t rich.

If your annual salary doesn’t provide enough savings to survive a six-month layoff without plunging you into financial ruin, you ain’t rich.

This is probably the same guy who writes those idiotic word problems wherin the price of hamburger is 39 cents a pound and a gallon of milk in 85 cents.


This is another guy who just makes shit up, isn’t he? Fuck, Clinton was our last president. His balancing of the budget was one of the biggest things he did campaign-wise. How the hell do you manage to forget that?

You know, reading this article, I realise that this man is almost certainly the most stupid individual in the entire world. Thanks for introducing me to him.


There IS a way to cure stupidity. There is a kind of stupidity that says “taxes are hard, me not know how to computate”, which is perhaps incurable, but in the same time, harmless. Then there is triumphant and expansive stupidity exhibited by JB.

A simple cure would be to stop paying him for writing tripe.

The problem is that this medicine is used in reverse.

By the way, there exist mental manipulations that allow to justify all JB claims. Number one, the notion of “unfunded liabilities of the government”. If in the year 2000 two million children were born, and one million of them will collect, in the future, Social Security and Medicare benefits with the properly discounted value of 1 billion, we convert surpluss of 200 billion into a deficit of 800 billion.

Step two, count the unfunded liability as the hidden tax and voila! we get 50%+ tax rates. You are not aware that you are taxed, but wise JB does.

The pieces about AIDS and “easily removing terror as…” are harder nuts to break, at least for me. I can try with terror. If we will stop conducting discourse with terrorists and their objective allies (like Sadly, No!), terrorism will cease to be a tool of the political discourse, and attacks like those on 9/11 will be impossible. Yes, attacks bearing a superficial resemblence will be possible, but their true nature will be altered and thus they will not be “like those on 9/11”.

A modest offer: I can justify, very logically, every single word of JB, but somehow doing it for free does not strike me as an intelligent thing to do.


Oooh, he better be careful using the word “deficit”, that’s specifically called out as a torturable offense in Karl Rove’s brownshirt instruction manual.


The guy is a complete idiot. I sent him an email about his claims and he wrote back stating that anyone who “pays taxes to support the poor” is rich. The moron doesn’t even know the definition of median income – he thinks median income means the minimum amount one must make to pay federal income taxes. By his figures, that means $28,600, even though the official government figure for 2003 was $40,200. He also claimed that anyone making over $28,600 “must be rich to some degree because everyone at that level and above pay taxes”…what an asshat!


Funny, but a simple google search could have told this dimwit that not only were there surpluses under Clinton, but there was a surplus in 1969, 1955, and 1956. Plus, the National Debt was over $2 billion in 1900, so where did he get the idea that it began somewhere around 1945?

It’s a wonderful life when all you have to do to justify your arguments is to make stuff up.


So that liberals can be free to sleep with whoever they want, we have to pay for AIDS.

JB Williams (via Sadly, No!)


Want to “prevent” the next 9/11? Easy, remove terror as a means of political discourse in the world…

I assume JB thinks that the way to do this is to kill as many people as we can.


I know a sure-fire cure for stupidity. Simply remove the warning labels from everything, and the problem solves itself!




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