Where will it end?

First, James Wolcott did it. Then it was Matthew Yglesias. And now? Now, ESPN is doing it:

Spivey (Atlanta): Is Belichick wearing his sweatshirt with the hoody?

Buzzmaster: (1:29 p.m.) Sadly, no.

JERRY: I see that Ziggy’s back at the complaint department. “The New Yorker is stealing my ideas.” See that’s funny… because it’s real.

Thanks to Michael for the link.


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Yeah, this ripping off thing has to stop. The LA Times is trying to swipe “Outside the Tent” from me. Shall we form an alliance to chase these bastards down and kick ’em where it hurts for stealing our shit? I’m ready. You say the word.


On the up side, Atrios has credited you the last several times.


I think I’m going to start a blog called “the”.


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