This should go pretty well with your AbsorbShun?

We bring you: SPUR-M!

SPUR-M is the only site to offer an all natural male enhancement formula that is proven to increase your volume by up to 500%. Our highly potent, volume enhancing formula will give our results in days and comes with an impressive 100% guarantee. Imagine the difference (look and feel) between dribbling your cum compared to shooting out burst after burst. Try SPUR-M now! and with our money back guarantee you have absolutely nothing to lose!

This post is dedicated to reaching the bottom of the barrel and continuing to dig.


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That sounds mysteriously like “Slurm,” the highly addictive soft drink of the 31st century that’s in fact the by-product of a Queen Worm’s hiney. And promoted by Slurms McKenzie.


Holy Vaseline Machine Gun! This product will help me attain my goal of getting on to the US Olympic Competitive Circlejerking Team! And with fame and fortune, I could parlay my athletic experience into a career in government!


I dare not click on the link… I’m scared there’ll be a video demonstration…

Though this is just false advertising:

“Try SPUR-M now! and with our money back guarantee you have absolutely nothing to lose!”

Uhm, didn’t anyone ask the SPERM how they feel about being “nothing to lose?”


From the website:
“- What are the ingredients included in SPUR-M pills?

Each tablet contains:

Salabmisri 130mg, Kokilaksha 64mg, Vanya Kahu 32mg, Kapikachchhu 32mg,
Suvarnavang 32mg


Vriddadaru 64mg, Gokshura 64mg, Jeevanti 64mg, Shaileyam 32mg”

That says it all.


Rock hard erections – Erections like steel

I always wondered why Superman was called the “Man of Steel.”



You had to open that door, didn’t you?

For those who haven’t seen it: Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex


Better watch out, more posts like this and DaHonger will hijack your URL again…


Hey Seb, did you check to make sure Yosef read this one?


From the FAQ:

“Survey has shown that 76% of women, think there mans penis is to small.”

When I read this I cry. Why was this child left behind?


Ummmm . . . ick? Yecccch? Bleah?


Warning: Exceeding the recommended dosage may result in blowing the back of your girlfriend’s head clean off.



This is hilarious. I know its not nice to laugh at other people’s insecurity but I’ve put up with enough *is your penis big enough* crap that I’m not even going to countenance support for those who think their *load* isn’t voluminous enough.


I LOVE the bottom of the barrel! Keep digging, Seb. And men, don’t forget to be ashamed of your bodies and your personality. It’s the only way we can sell you this crap!


Thank God! Just when the bukkake fad was running out of juice.


fuck off with you emails


A thick voluminous load? Don’t be stupid, your partner won’t like the mess.


I think this is a great idea. It will really impress the girls. I am not sure why you don’t think so?


Stretching the truth?

Eligere comments on wingnut Senator Coburn’s remarks regarding breast implants. In the words of the Senator (not Eligere):


Yeah, but I tried it and my wad hit the ceiling like a machine gun. Ratatat tat!


instead of offering allyour smart comments show
me where i can buy the product


My friend is married from 10 years but he has no child. Doctors tell him that deficiency of spurms. I want that he should use Spur-M for this disease. What do suggest.


Is it safe ?


here is the EXACT product actually called “speman” an herbal indian preparation it contains the same ingredients and mg as spur-m at a fraction of the cost. There are medical reports that it does help with fertility etc. This is only 1 link there are many others and you can probably find this at a local naturopath store i would guess. THis link has 60tabs for $10US vs $70US at what I got spammed with (notice “sheep” ironic i think)

Google it up and check it out. I am not endorsing anything. Even an all natural pill is still a pill and I don’t take this stuff personally. I just got spammed with Spur-m and I enjoy tracking down the real thing that companies are trying to resell and gouge people.

omar of marianas islands

i have a problem with my sperm volume…
can anyone tell me this spurm-m thing really works?
pls email me the truth


can anyone pls email me if this really works.
am really interested to buy if this is for real


Can someone pls email me the truth — the ultimate truth of our human existence?



dissecting SPUR-M to find out what makes it tick…

“The Internet is an oracle for anyone in trouble…” — Terrence McKenna

Today, I got a spam e-mail about incr…


after 9 months of trial I can tell you this

3 months before I’m happy with what I have

after 3 months of testing it – boy is she happy with what shes getting

after not taking for 3 months – back to the old days – and definately waning….

on balance it helped and boy did it help – not instantanious results but once there it did it’s job fantastically, takes a couple of weeks to build the “force”

can’t wait for the next batch though, and no absolutely no after affects or withdrawl symptoms, seems perfectly naturural…


Hallo Zaphod

And and where did you by it ?


Patbum ElSalvador

Cómo adquirirlo en El Salvador, Centro América….???????


These ingredients are the same thing that are in the pills that are suppoed to control ejaculation and they say on the site that enhancement pills dont control it but they all use the same thing!! Geez


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