We are speechless. We have no speech!

Until we solve that little problem, we invite you to check out the following:

Hairy Fish Nuts’ Pissing in the Corner post. Enough said.

busy, busy, busy and The SideShow take a look at Charles Krauthammer’s latest work.

Adam Yoshida 2.0 (now with comments!) is still going strong. Try to imagine, if you can, that Adam wrote the following:

But, to put it bluntly: sitting on your ass and whining about it isn’t going to do anything. I recently read a list of complaints field by something called the “Parents’ Television Council” which, so far as I can tell, is a group of eighty-something women in tennis shoes watching television shows in a desperate, grasping effort to determine how many times the word “dick” is uttered. It’s a complete waste of time.

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Wow. Adam is sounding shockingly rational today. His meds must be working.


Sham Yoshida is much preferable to the “real” one.
Can we trade in the one we got stuck with?


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