Looks like we might be getting ourselves into a sticky solution

Scott Captain Micro-Penis Koss and Cynthia Her Lady of the Moisture Koss apparently lack a sense of humo(u)r. In the comments to this post, Audra writes:

Just so you know, I started the whole shit storm with this entry and now the AbsorbShun people are threatening to sue me.

Wait until they find out what Annie Jacobsen has been writing about them!

Being the shameless publicity whores that we are, we figure there’s no better way to drum up a little business than being sued by a man with a small penis. (Hey, look what that threat of a suit by Donald Luskin did for Atrios!) With that in mind, we sent a link to this post to Scott “I was in the pool” Kass and Cynthia “Why does it shrink” Kass. This should be fun.


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The first link you gave was from a rabble.ca/babble board member who also got a threatening letter from the Kosses. But he chickened out and took down the page, so there’s a 404. BTW, I don’t blame him for chickening out even though the Kosses don’t have a leg to stand on…for some people it’s too stressful to run a casual web site and get threats.


Yah, micropenis link is dead. But that photo of Cynthia makes me wet.


Well, I hope this does drum up some publicity and I hope she has the guts to take the threats. I remember a while back this couple was making T-shirts with the Olsen twin’s face on them with the caption “feed me”. They were also threatened with a lawsuit and although they probably would have won (the Olsen’s being oublic figures and all) they couldn’t afford a lawyer to fight the charges… maybe she can get someone to do it pro bono?


Really? The same Koss couple? They were famous for something else? You’d think they’d move onto a less tawdry line of business at some point.



Yesterday I sent an email to a wingnut named Pete Fisher featured on the Poorman’s blog. I suggested Pete was a pervert for calling for medals to be awarded to U.S soldiers who drowned an Iraqi in the Tigris river. He emailed me back, threatening to sue me for slander, complain to authorities of harrasment by me and have my website(?) shut down.
I emailed him back, telling him to go for it.

But I haven’t been able to log on to the Poorman’s site since…Is there a connection?


Hey Seb,

Believe it or not — although let me say that you’re distressing people terribly with l’affaire Koss and its nightmare-fuelling mental pictures — this isn’t the most thoroughly disturbing story this week in regard to conservatives and vaginas.

No, there’s one worse.



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