He’s all yours, Mark, all yours

Mark H. Creech writes:

Since the President made those remarks, the left has had what D. James Kennedy on a broadcast of Scarborough Country referred to as a “collective conniption.” […]

Andrew Sullivan, editor of The New Republic, accused the president of changing the Republican Party “into a semi-religious organization.”

The editor
? The left? Happily, No!

Extra bonus points: Mark missed a perfect opportunity to use our line:

But were the president’s remarks terribly removed from the statements of previous presidents? Were they far removed from our nation’s heritage? Sadly, No! Hardly.

Pity that.


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that Andrew Sullivan? I mean, that particular sully?

for real? is that guy a dope or what?


a semi-religious organization.

Indeed, and one with a semi-anti-homosexual agenda.


I noticed the A-man has linked to you gratutitously in the middle of other posts…

Too bad the Internets don’t allow ! in the URLs.


“There’s nothing so tragic as the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact.”

-Thomas Huxley


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