What you do not smell is called AbsorbShun Powder

It is odorless, tasteless, dissolves instantly in water, and is one of the deadliest poisons known to man:

If I use AbsorbShun natural powder, is it safe to have oral sex?
Yes, your partner may notice a powder taste, however it is not harmful since AbsorbShun is 100% natural. AbsorbShun is NOT dangerous or harmful if consumed.

World O’Crap
has all the juicy details. (Note to the COE: Please send the Ribbon of Shame to the usual address.)


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Ewww! Fortunately, my SUPER GAY POWERS already render me immune to the vagina, so I won’t be permanently traumatized by reading this.


We discussed this several days ago on our Communist Canadian forum “wwww.rabble.ca”. Check it out here:


I believe absolute zero of snarkage was achieved on that thread.


What ever happened to good old American FLOUR, for God’s sakes? Especially for white women. Corn starch is too damn powerful for them, less you bring along the blastin’ powder, or be packin’ Grond.


I believe that this idea originates from Africa, where “dry sex” is extremely popular.


Just doing the rounds to say that the new site (based loosely on observations concerning the unique dilemma that is being British) is officially open for business. Theginpalace is dead, long live ohisay. Or something. Cheers, see you soon. :]


If you don’t have corn starch to hand, a mixture of tin tacks, plaster of paris and gummi bears provides an interesting result.


And here all this time I thought that just sprinkling my johnson with corn starch would make me feel bigger. NOW I find out that I’m supposed to get a woman involved for this to happen! Sheesh! Who knew?


Just so you know, I started the whole shit storm with this entry and now the AbsorbShun people are threatening to sue me.


Guess what’s #1 on the list of Household Tips for Kingsford’s? Corn Starch?

Kill cockroaches –
Mix equal parts Kingsford’s Corn Starch and plaster of Paris. Sprinkle the mixture in cracks and crevices. Cockroaches will eat the mixture and “petrify.”


Is that where corndogs came from?





Two things:
1. Having read this, I now understand why anal sex is on the rise even among heterosexuals. I have never understood that. It’s the “dry” factor, seemingy.

2. As a South African woman, I had never heard of “dry sex”, until now; In fact, the contrary has been true: a dry vagina is/was always considered suspect; that, certainly, is word that went around. I do not recall negative social commentary on a wet vagina. I can also tell you that anal sex has always been taboo (consistency of desires). The “blame Africa” mantra is pretty petty actually. Most of the people using this insane product think Africa is a country, for a start, never mind what they know about “African” sexual practices.


This powder is for women who suffer from excessive vaginal lubrication. One of which is me, apparently there are a lot of women who have this problem. I can’t have an orgasm because I get way to wet, I try to stop and dry off, but this is an irritation and obviously stops sex and we start again. So please don’t comment on something you know nothing about, this problem is just as bad as vaginal dryness, and just as frustrating.


Ya, I second that, Kaleah- I have the same problem. Stop and start with this “toweling off” bull *** is all great for the rest of you to say. Why don’t you grow a sense of empathy instead of making cr** jokes about a seriously annoying condition.


Hi. What is the side effect of AbsorbShun as when it enters the vagine, it does not get out and how to remove it after intercourse? is it safe to let it stay inside?


can you plz tell me how & from where i can get this pwd


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