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Well, after many humiliating defeats, we smell a real opportunity for redemption. The kind people of A Fistful Euros have launched the first ever Satin Pajama Awards. Sadly, No! (“by Seb”) has been nominated. (Scroll down to Best Humorous [yes, humoroUs!] Blog, have a shot, forget about Chase me ladies, I’m in the cavalry being nominated, and vote for us.) Then, delete your cookies, access the nearest anonymous proxy, and vote again.

Together, we can live the dream. Because the idea of winning popularity contests has not, multiple defeats notwithstanding, been debunked. It is totally bunk. Go!


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My site isn’t actually meant to be funny. I like to think of it as a rolling news service.

So, yeah, I’ll vote for you.


“My boyfriend is a twat” is a great name, but I didn’t think it was too funny. It seems to be nominated for every award in sight. I thought Eurotrash was pretty funny, but voted for you against my better judgment. Then I saw the results and you were leading, and Eurotrash was last with about 1/7 the votes you have. You must be good at getting out the vote. Maybe you could give lessons to the Ohio Democratic Party.


You’re in the lead. Can I have my cookie now?


I voted for you. Do I get a prize now?


I think I recognized one other blog on the entire list. And that’s only because it’s by Matt Welch’s wife.


Is it me or is ‘Chase me I’m in the cavalry’ nominated for every single goddamn award. Yours is the only one I found remotely funny, so did you get my vote? Sadly, Yes.


Well, this is the most humourous blog, bar none. Or maybe it isn’t. I don’t know…In another window, I’m just about to select Sadly, No!, but I’m equivocating…Oh, wait I’m not…I’ll click on Sadly, No!…Oh hang on, My Boyfriend is a Twat is pretty funny…No wait, definitely Sadly, No!…oh, but a click on is almost irresistable…

Sadly, No?Twat?Sadly, No?….Fuckwasit?Sadly, No?

clickunclickdouble-click….click againagainAGAIN!…Instapundit?…ah, ah, ah….aaargh!!!.

…phew! Pass me a cigarette, will ya, love?


You shamless attention whore. You hussy!


Announcing the first ever Sadly, No awards. Nominees are Sadly, No, Sadly, No, Sadly, No, Powerline and Sadly, No.

If you vote for Sadly, No, the government will shove a broomstick up your ass.


Vote early, vote often.


I’m waiting for the swimsuit competition. Bikinis and stilettos…oh, God!

…sorry, I’m still in after-glow. What can I tell you? Blogger awards make me hot.


Habeas Corpus? Sadly, No!

Seb’s rival in the European bloggers thingamajig laments the imminent death of Habeas Corpus in England. I, too, mourn its passing. It died unnoticed…


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