Who’s afraid of Montana?

Looks like Brad Reed, of BradBlog 3000, is:

Montana rocks. There, I said it, OK? I love Montana.

Then again, he has his reasons:

Why? Because it’s like some grand social experiment where you take every paranoid, anti-social freakbag who can’t function in normal society and stick ’em together in one place just to see what happens.

And, if Wing Nut Daily is to be believed, this is what happens:

To be continued here…


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See, now this is why the Red States think we’re elitist. We don’t know these important things:
The UN’s secret world-domination helicopters are powder blue.
The black ones are the ones our own government uses to mutilate cattle for secret biowarfare tests designed to destroy the heartland so that the coastal liberals can take over and build malls and condos.
No wonder we have no credibility with these people. Next, we’ll be laughing when they tell us that Spongebob Squarepants is gay.


For a moment there I thought you were talking about the glory days of the 49’ers…


I have an idea, these guys can show their disdain for environmentalists by volunteering to have their homes be the new nuclear waste storage site! That’ll show them tree-huggers.



Didn’t montana just elect a DEMOCRAT to be Governor?

those crazy wingnuts… that’s a ludicrous as Massachusetts electing a Republican Governor.

Or a Mormon.


Have you ever been to Montana? In one place?? It only has 2 towns big enough to show up on an atlas…


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