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Help Obama’s Half-Brother Move Out of His Hut

  • Why isn’t the media taking an interest in the plight of Barack Obama’s African half-brother George, who lives in an African hut and probably wears an African bone through his African nose down there in blackest blackety-black Africa? For that matter, why doesn’t Barack himself take an interest? Could it be because of embarrassment? Or could it be because the media and Obama, being liberals, hate family values and are actually hypocrites when it comes to helping poor black people? It’s irresponsible not to speculate.

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D’Souza frets so much over George Obama’s well-being that he’s established a “George Obama Compassion Fund” to which he claims he’s donated the first $1,000. All this is, of course, very sincere not to mention politically disinterested.


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Yay! I hope Obama’s brother uses the funds to upgrade to first class on his next annual flight to Washington DC!


Barack Obama has a black brother!


Golly, there are a lot of D’Souzas in India – a LOT – some of whom could really use those dollars.

Dragon-King Wangchuck

Yes – This is absolutely true. Just ask Kathleen Hensley Portalski


I’m sure it’s utterly impossible to find anyone close to D’nesh D’Souza in the ex-Portuguese colony island tourist hippie hangout of Goa, India who are other than rich, and weren’t involved in running one of the Jesuit schools.


CNN attempts to portray George Obama as a self-reliant fellow who doesn’t want any help. The network quotes him saying, “I was brought up well. I live well even now.” Notice that George speaks in a halting voice; he is trying to maintain his self-image. George also says, “I’m Kenyan…I would love to live in Kenya.” Presumably George gave this answer to a question asking whether he’d like to move to the United States with Barack Obama’s help. These answers, however, in no way suggest that George doesn’t want Barack Obama’s intervention to relieve his grinding poverty.

I thought one of the cornerstones of the right’s thinking about poor people that they just need to get it together and pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, instead of freeloading off other people.

I guess Dinesh has changed his thinking on this.

We need to give George Obama welfare, even though George Obama doesn’t want it.


Or in Mumbai.


Is this guy still around? I’d’ve thunk he’d have snuck off with his tail between his legs after Jon Stewart oh-so-gently handed him his ass over one of his books (I forget which one). At least I haven’t seen him on the Daily Show recently; though I’m way behind on my episodes.


Shorter D’Souza: “The media won’t cover this scandal and when they covered it, it wasn’t scandalous enough.”




So, Mr. D’Souza, will you also be starting a compassion fund for Cindy McCain’s disinherited hald-sisters?


He’s getting creamed in the comments.


The biggest scandal of the election campaign is going unreported, for the most part

Oh for fuck’s sake, this “issue” has an effect on one motherfucking person, you halfwit.

Dragon-King Wangchuck

(I forget which one)

The Party of Death Baby-Eating: How Democrats Want to Eat Your Babies,
a totally unbiased and objective view of the most evil force in the world today. Note this is an apolitical book, and has nothing to do with the US Democrat Party – Dinesh means “Democrats” in a generic sense.


Hey, if this Dinette Douchesouza guy wants to send me a thousand bucks it’s fine by me! Now, who is he again?


Cindy McCain’s disinherited sisters are bald?

Dragon-King Wangchuck

But seriously –
Kathleen Hensley Portalski.

Curl Up & Dye Salon

All that bleach will do it. Don’t tell anyone, but Cindy’s bald too. I know because my sister-in-law’s best friend used to do her hair.


Where’s the fund to get Dinesh D’Souza a pair of glasses that fit? I’ll throw in a couple of bucks to that one.


Dinesh has a big fucking house. How about having the distant Obama family live there for a while?

Oh, that’s right, Obama’s Kenyan half-siblings are happy where they fucking are.

How condescending can you get? A D’Souza’s worth.


Yes, the GOP seems to be the zombie that thinks that it alone scares. The fools pull a political stunt, fluster the swine media, and all of a sudden they believe that they can hijack the “issues” argument. These fuckers are the cause of the issues most of the country is complaining about in the first place, but I guess we’ll let the media coddle its benefactors some more.

By the way, who the fuck is this D’Souza character, hmm? A curry sodomizing GOP fag that is under the illusion of inclusion? He beds a few deranged white bitches and he thinks he’s got the right to feign interest in a destitute brother?

Never mind him…he’s five seconds from being the Chocolate Rain fucker from Youtube.

I’m calling out any GOP bitch that has the nerve to talk up the fiction the media is attempting to pass off as a horse race. Bring up rigged polls no one in their right mind ought to pay attention to. Bring up the skirt the entire GOPussy party is hiding behind. Bring up McCain’s spawn saying dumb shit on morning shows. Bring up the rain storm you exploited like Osama’s image to inspire fear in the minds of Caucasoid idiots. Bring up the shame you all share whenever the names Bush and Cheney are ever uttered…

Let’s go, bitches.

I know you’re all there, ya shifty shit-for-brains.

How long do you expect the “liberal media” to promote your benefactors’ fascist asses, dorks?


My favorite comment from over there so far: “Ah, one of those days where the title is so stupid you don’t even want to bother reading the article.”

Dragon-King Wangchuck

Whups, Party of doodoo is Ramesh. My bad. Then again JoeBuddha threw me when he got Stewart and Colbert mixed up – that’s my excuse.

It was Baby-Eaters at Home: Hot the Left is Responsible for 9/11 Since They Love Eating Babies So Much.


Ripley, I NEVER want to hear about DD getting “creamed” again.


We like using the word unctuous to describe D’Snoozah.


Giving aid where it’s neither needed nor asked for: it’s the Republican way, my friends.

When Obama’s half-brother sends him a letter kindly thanking D’Souza for the money, & remarking that he’s donating it to his sibling’s campaign because he’s doing OK & didn’t really need it in the first place, I think the “George Obama Compassion Fund” will suffer a sudden & terminal case of Scrooge Syndrome.

The mere idea that he just helped Obama to get elected will give poor little Dinesh nightmares for months to come.


Dinesh is from Mumbai.

I would love it if someone dug up a relative living in squalor there and asked him why he didn’t give the money to his own family.


D’Souza, where’s your fucking CHIN?


More horse shit from Distort D’Newza


I don’t think George Obama would want to live in the D’Souza house. That gated community McMansion is like a monument to bad taste, from the wall-to-wall leopard print carpet to the Barbie-wedding-cake walls (plus everything else, really).

But this is a great issue for them: if Barack helps out George Obama, he’s a corrupt nepotist. Otherwise, he’s a dick who doesn’t care about his brother.

The only problem is that it’s a transparently stupid “issue” and also that nobody cares about it.


D’Souza certainly has a Backpfeifengesicht (look it up)

and WordPress has one too, if it had a face!


D’Sousa was clearly inspired by Obama’s speech in which Barack proclaimed that “we are all our brother’s keeper”…Perhaps once the election is finished Sen. Obama will find the time to help his brother…A mere $12 would double his yearly income.


Aren’t all them Africans brothers?

/Typical Diminished D’Sousa reader


Dinesh D’Souzaphone is like that character from Short Circuit, Ben Jabituya, only less cool.


He’s getting creamed in the comments.

And we all know how painful that can be.


D’Souza certainly has a Backpfeifengesicht (look it up)
A spurious word, unfortunately, that exists only in the “Germans-have-a-word-for-it” genre of books.


Still OT, and still following up Woodrowfan’s link to a BBC review of Tingo — Zimmer at Languagelog also reviewed the book, and found it to be chock-full of invented words and mistranslations.


Is this a different allegedly abandoned half-brother than the one Jake Tapper fact-checked back in June?


If D’Souza loves Barack Obama’s African half-brother George, who lives in an African hut, so much, why doesn’t he gay-marry him?

Huh? You can’t answer because there is no answer.


Notice that George speaks in a halting voice; he is trying to maintain his self-image.

Or perhaps, he is trying to speak in a language that is radically different from his native one…

Or he’s nervous about having the camera and lights in his face…

Or he’s afraid that some dickhead who doesn’t actually give a fuck about him as a person might use him as a pawn in a political game of chessikers…

Dragon-King Wangchuck

Speaking of odd words and getting Ramesh and Dinesh mixed up, there’s only one way to solve the problem of having two wingnuts whose first names end in “esh”… MORTAL KOMBAT Biritululo.


Now, Y’all ought to be more sympathetic toward poor lil’ Dinesh. Not to start stereotyping, and setting off a fauxtrage… but an Indian guy with a face like that has a weinie that would make a thimble look like the Washington Monument, and that sad fact informs pretty much all of his opinions. Last time I saw somebody like him naked, I wasn’t sure whether I was relieved or chagrined that I’d left my lorgnette in my other purse, but in any case, without it any further activity was utterly impossible.


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