From the Department of You’re new here, aren’t you?

Susan Estrich shows just how out of touch she is:

Four Years Till Hillary […]

Mark my words. You heard it here first.

Hmm, not exactly.


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So I clicks the link, I do, and I’m html-ed to a NewsMax page that has a big old yellow ad smack dab in the middle saying “Men: Attract Desirable Women”.

Before I could helps meself, the mental connection to Ms. Estrich was formed. I freely admit I could not continue reading.

Might try again later.


Susan is smoking crack again. That’s the only explanation for this nonsense from her explaining her Hillary prediction:

I’m not saying it because I think that it is . . . the best way for Democrats to recapture the White House. I’m saying it because it’s the only way.

Huh? I would have thought that the “only” way would necessarily be the “best” way, but, hey, I’m not a tenured perfesser of law.


I like Ike

You heard it here first!


If Susie is that current let me know her latest stock picks so I can short them.


Yes, I really love those pop-ups at SnoozeMax, too. PS: If that’s John Alanis’s “way” of attracting women– sign up for the free newsletter– it’s freakin’ hysterical.


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