Kevin’s most, all-time high, record-breaking idiocy

Last time we discussed Kevin McCullough, well, things didn’t work out too well for him. Well, he’s back, and looks like the learning curve is rather flat out there. After reminding us that Robert Byrd was in the Ku Klux Klan, he throws this out there for the kids:

But having him [Byrd] put the kibosh on the most qualified African American woman [Condi] ever to be elevated to the position that she is seeking is horrible.

Most qualified African American woman to be nominated to be Secretary of State?

n = 1, anyone?


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Facts only get in the way of righteous indignation. It’s hard to pour the essence of one’s deserved, self-promoting, supercilious outrage into an editorial if your mind has to keep running over facts. And if you write it down on a piece of paper, you might lose your spot when look down to chekc a fact.

All in all, I’d say Kevin definitely wrote one of his most written editorials this time.


I guess whenever you have a (fill in the blank — Estonian-American Christian Scientist, left-handed philatelist, or whatever) who is the first (whatever it is) nominated to a certain position, you can’t apply the general standards of fitness for that position, and it would be terrible to “put the kibosh” on him/her, which would crush the dreams and aspirations of all Estonian-American Christian Scientists. Sounds like that dreaded affirmative action stuff that wingnuts hate.


Would being the first ever also make her the most qualified ever? Sadly, no.


Didn’t your mother warn you that listening to ejaculate like that would grow hair on your ears?

As Al Sharpton said at the Sacto. DNC meeting: “Condi’s my color, but Boxer’s my kind.”


See what happened? I was trying to use the untamed and dangerous powers of logic while I was typing my previous comment, and look what it did to my typing skills!


Out of all the blogs I read, Sadly, No! is one.



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