It’s so good to have him back

Sadly, No!’s favorite eBay user is back, leaving feedback that makes the whole world sing:

  • Roses are red, violets are blue, Tandy makes sucky computers, I sell them to you
  • Never paid for item, ignored my emails, supports the taliban, is a big homo.
  • Don’t let the hat fool you, man, the Pope’s a crazy farker!
  • I have a crush on this girl named Amy. Too bad she’s married.
  • Filled up this mp3 player with mp3s of me brushing my teeth. Hope you liked it.
  • This guy didn’t pay me yet but what the heck, it’s been a crazy day!
  • Seller paid me so fast that I question his sanity. A+++@$(*!#(&@$^*(@$*)!#
  • Of course, he also likes to respond to feedback as well:

  • fast payment, nice transaction A++++++++++++++
    Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: You gave me considerably less +’s than you give other buyers. I’m offended.

  • Thanks for a fine transaction. A+++ Hope to see you again soon.
    Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: You’ve never seen me. We arranged all this by email. Quit being delusional.

  • More along those lines here and there.

    [Fixed link — we think.]


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    Hi-larious. Totally makes me want to buy from him, just to have him comment on my feedback.


    How did you find this guy? He’s hysterical.


    Here is the same as there. I find this highly confusing.


    is he an eBaylogger?


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