Not Shiny and New, Shinier and Newer

Thanks to the very generous help of Katie of Katieweb fame, we’ve been able to return Sadly, No!’s design closer to its previous glory. (How we had missed the little boxes around our entries!)

We’ll be tweaking things in the days to come, and while we generally pay very little attention to anyone else’s opinions, you’re free to submit comments and suggestions.


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it’s distinctive, and it looks kind of cool, but white type on black is never a good idea.


Merci Katie!

And “Alan,” please STFU.


Yeah, i hate the light on dark thing, too. I liked that, with the last design, the reader could choose something else.


We do want and plan to bring back the style switcher thing we used to have. Please be patient!


Who Would Cry For Me? Argentina?

While I was gone, General Glut and Rodger A. Payne dropped me from their blogrolls, while Seb dropped me along with his whole template in becoming, briefly, Sadly, Nude (but he had a great rack! [inside joke]).

Only digamma was concerned enough to…


The new. . .er old look is good, but it’s not as hip as DaHonger’s site.


Opinions should always be carefully boxed. Correct postage is important, also.


FYI, that was NOT me, you pear-shaped trool!


I feel really hurt that ever since you got this shiny, new format, you don’t remember the little people who knew you when. Or rather, your comments box never remembers my information, no matter how many times I get it to.


What I meant to say is , “No matter how many times I BEG it to.” The comments box should also try harder to say what I mean, not what I type.


This ninja-lurker cries quietly in the shadows. It’s pretty, but it’s really messed up on Safari–all squinched over to the left side (without even a scrollbar) so that I can only read 3/4 of every line.


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