You wanna work here? Flame!

Barack Obama, apparently unable to stick it to Condi without sucking up to Colin:

“Your predecessor had a reputation of being willing to maybe tell the president some things that he didn’t always want to hear,” Obama said. “I think he displayed a certain independence that was encouraging and I think that people felt that he was speaking on behalf of the American people and not simply being a mouthpiece for the administration.”

You think, Barack? Sadly, No!:

My colleagues, every statement I make today is backed up by sources, solid sources. These are not assertions. What we are giving you are facts and conclusions based on solid intelligence.


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This is pretty sad. I had hopes for Barrack, but he seems inflicted with terminal weasely no ideas sydrom


Brian, I think it’s a little soon to be giving up on Obama. And as for Powell, sure, he lied in the world’s face, but by BushCo standards, he was a regular Honest Abe. Got to use that sliding scale.


My view of this is that he was being political to make a point: Condi, stop kissing Bush’s a$$. Should he have been tougher? Maybe, but he’s also only been a Senator two weeks. That grace period won’t last forever, but…


It makes one wonder whose house Barak will be head Nigrah in charge in.


His vote for CondiLiar is going to be hard for me to overlook. I have gone from Obama for President to Boxer for President.


It’s still got a full senate vote, yes? It’s not too late. Anyways, Condi’s not a litmus test. It’s not like Bush is going to ever nominate a good candidate. Gonzalez is the important one.


George Carlin for Preznit!


…ear,” Obama said. “I think he displayed a certain indep…

Obama is my man. Look, -ed, past tense.

At one pont it was true of Colin Powell.

certainly not after that day at the UN though, after that day, well, fuck ’em.


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