It’s a goose that’s had the old switcheroo pulled on it

We often seek to make sense of wingnuttery here at Sadly, No!, but sometimes even our arguably talented staff just can’t make sense of it all. Things start off pretty well, by wingnut standards. James Dobson [or SpongeDob StickyPants as some call him] doesn’t like make SpongeBob SquarePants:

Now, Dr. Dobson said, SpongeBob’s creators had enlisted him [Mr. Dobson?] in a “pro-homosexual video,” in which he appeared alongside children’s television colleagues like Barney and Jimmy Neutron, among many others.

So far, so good. (Of course, it is a sliding scale.) Things get kind of funky after that:

“We see the video as an insidious means by which the organization is manipulating and potentially brainwashing kids,” he said. “It is a classic bait and switch.”

So kids are being baited with SpongeBob, and then they’ll have the old switcheroo pulled on them by getting cock instead? Seeing some hot girl-on-girl action? The bait is clear, but the switch? How does that make any sense as a bait and switch scam? Inquiring minds want to know.


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SpongeDob Stickypants!

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Hey Sadly-
Some guy who runs an “ex-gay internet ministry” wrote me a loooooong letter about SpongeBob buggering Barney in a “stealth” program to make kids gay.

Part I

Part II


I think he means the bait is the tolerance video that sounds innocent (uh, because it is) and the switch is (in Dobson’s fevered imagination) pro-homo propaganda. I thought it was pretty clear from the NY Times article. It’s not kids that are the victims of the bait-and-switch in Dobson’s mind, but parents, schools, etc.


SpongeBob Santorum

American Mullahs issue fatwa against gay, spongey man-child and perverted corporations.


Please send me more information about how I can get cock by watching these videos.



Do you have anything in a grainy 8mm?


Dobson must be hard-up (so to speak) for cash. The wingnuts do things like this to shake cash out of the rubes. Falwell did it with Tinky Winky, now Dobson’s doing it with Spongebob.

They do it because it works. The rubes are so dumb. You know what they say about a fool and his money–they are soon parted.


I think Dobson has SpongeBob confused with SpongeBill.


I hear there’s a video coming out showing SpongeBob getting it on with Tinkie Wink and Barney the Lavender Dinosaur.


I laughed so hard I wet my SpongeBob SquarePants. (not my joke, but too good not to pass on)


Does it have anything to do with spongeing spooge spic an’ span?


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