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Thanks to the pioneering work of Nancy Salvato (as reported by World O’Crap,) Our army of researchers has discovered a memo some people would rather you did not see. Before we get to it, a quick recap of what Nancy had to say last week:

It has just come to my attention that Kerry Sieh, a professor of geology at California Institute of Technology, “repeatedly warned Indonesian officials that an earthquake and tsunami would soon strike their shores.” Because these officials weren’t acting on the warnings, he and his teams began warning people directly. Unfortunately, he couldn’t reach all of the people in time.

Now I have complete and utter sympathy for the people who have suffered and lost loved ones due to this tragedy, but I also feel resentment that because their government didn’t heed the warnings and that other countries have to bail them out.

Sadly, No! presents this world exclusive. A still classified memo detailing early Tsunami related warnings issued to the competent authorities. Known in intelligence circles as the Pretty Dire Bulletin (PDB,) it is dated August November 6.


November 6 PDB (PDF format.) (70KB.)


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What Nancy clearly does not realize is that all the information was _historical_. It was not actionable, and therefore the Indonesian government was correct to continue ignoring it; indeed, the government would have been correct to completely shut down for a holiday of brush clearing.


Wicked satire, seb, but grim material either way. Doubt any of the wingers willl get it. (Hey, did I tell anyone that I saw a reference to “the Chewbacca defense” over on Fark last week?)


Step right up, who will be the first wingnut to post an elaborate investigation into the kerning and other font characteristics of that memo?


I heard that Indonesia has proposed a new Department of Shoreline Security. Their first task is to set up a five-tier color-coded alert system.

There’s also talk of Sri Lanka planning an invasion of Hawaii (since the Tsunami came from their general direction they must be partly responsible, plus they have all those volcanoes which are just waiting to erupt).


We need to be united and send a message to the freedom-hating “Ring of Fire” that lines the Pacific Ocean:

“Bring it on!”


This will destroy the MMM (mainstream meteorological media) once and for all.

If they don’t crown you Grand Nabob of Media Elimination here and now I will hold my breath until death or at least defibrillation.


The Beam in Hewitt’s Eye

The tiresome Hugh Hewitt got his wish to get “an experimental column in which the Los Angeles Times invites outside critics to slap around a Southern California newspaper that has a two-part (or bigger) Sunday Calendar section.”
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