World’s dumbest trademarks

We’re not sure where this one ranks, but it has to be near the top:

Annie Jacobsen Speaks Out??

Yes, that Annie Jacobsen.


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From the link:

The same investigative passion and perceptive eye that broke the Safety in the Skies stories looks at other subjects.

In her next report, Lil’ Annie Panic runs into the airplane loo just after the brown-skinned, Arabic-speaking, Big-Mac-wielding man has used it and searches the floater for plastique explosives.

…Stay tuned.


According to Annie, today’s college kids are targeted by credit card companies and getting into debt even before they graduate.

Do tell. I had 2 credit cards handed to me by the time I graduated college, 20 years ago. Her next essay will be about the miracle of cooking a potato in 6 minutes via the space-age magic of Micro-Waving them.

Annie Jacobsen: A Day Late And A Dollar Short.?


Did she also copyright “AJSO”, ’cause that’s the real keeper.


I’m still waiting for her take on the Laser Beam-Wielding Madman Terrorists of Death. The liberal media would have you think that there’s no story there, and that’s why Annie’s particular brand of alarmist doom-mongering is needed now more than ever.


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