Just try to Google “Naomi Ragen makes a good point”

We’re not quite sure on what day wingnuts figured out Google could be used to provide them with the illusion of having a point, but it’s too bad that they never bothered learning how to use it properly. Naomi Ragen (no, we’d never heard of her either) sticks it to Syria:

And just try to Google Syrian aid for tsunami victims… See what you come up with. Zero.

Well, provided you put the search term in quotes, you do find something of course — Naomi’s columns. Yet if you think that one may write an article about Syrian aid using, oh let’s just be extra creative and say one might write Syria instead of Syrian (you know, because it’s the country’s name,) you might find this:

Syria, a country without the Gulf’s oil riches, sent a plane loaded with 40 tons of food, medicine, drinking water and blankets to Indonesia on Thursday.

Or that:

Other Arab countries without the Gulf’s oil wealth such as Syria, Jordan, and Egypt have sent planeloads of food, medicine, drinking water, and blankets.

Those cheap bastards in Syria should of course do more. With a GDP per capita of $3,300 per year, one wonders why they don’t.

Then again, one wouldn’t expect much from someone who writes:

First, the UN (Americans are the largest financial contributor to the UN, with 3 billion dollars in 2003 alone) called America “stingy.”

Right, the UN called the US stingy. Just like the US always pays what it is supposed to the United Nations:

However, when one adds in UN peacekeeping, the total of unpaid assessed contributions leaps to $2.1 billion, with a staggering $1.8 billion owed for peacekeeping. Some 38 per cent of this figure ($690.9 million) represents outstanding contributions by the United States, with $373 million relating to the current period and $316.9 to prior periods.


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You expect intellectual honesty from a conservative pundit? That’s like expecting rational thought from Vox Day, who has hit the bigtime at last.


Goddam it! How many times do I have to point out that facts are dumb?

…to paraphrase this dear site,
“Sadly, quite often.”


Whenever anyone criticises the West, or “wealthy countries”, it can only mean the US, since outside that country, there are only poor brown-skinned heathens…and the French. Everyone knows this.


Ragen clearly has never used Google before. It is almost impossible to ever get zero results for anything. Admittedly you might not find what you want, but I wouldn’t believe anyone who claimed they found no results just by entering a search.
Fucking wacko.


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