How clueless can you get?

All is happy and gay in the Middle East, according to Opinion Journal:

Overall, Middle Eastern countries are striving to make their economies more attractive to foreign investment. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Iraq. A new foreign investment law was passed on September 2003 permitting 100% foreign ownership of firms in all sectors of the economy aside from oil and other mineral extraction.

September 2003, what does that remind us of? Oh yeah:

The US-backed Iraqi finance minister yesterday announced a sweeping package of economic reforms to open his country up to foreign investment, allowing 100-percent foreign ownership in all sectors except oil. […]

A senior US official at the Dubai meetings said the new regulations were decreed on Saturday by the US overseer in Iraq, Paul Bremer.


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100% foreign ownership of Iraqi companies is a good thing? I think it’s called war profiteering.


It’s like a ventriloquist thinking that we’ll really believe the wooden puppet is talking.


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