Something else to be amazingly turned on upset over

Last year* we covered John Derbyshire’s interests in pornographic stick figures. Looks like we have this year’s edition ready:


UNITED NATIONS–“The Three Amigos” — as the cartoon condoms named Shaft, Stretch and Dick are called — are pictured in a variety of settings from a spaceship to a soccer field to a casino. Twenty different spots are available in each of the 41 languages varying from 20 to 60 seconds in length. Some spots are blatantly sexual, others more restrained.

The punch line in the spaceship spot says: “No condom, No blastoff. Stop the spread of AIDS.” The soccer spot says: “You just can’t score without a condom.” And the spot focusing on a roulette wheel in a casino says: “Not all gamblers realize the odds stacked against them. Don’t gamble with your life. Use a condom. Stop the spread of AIDS.”

You might think she’s overreacting, but the truth is that poor K-Lo hasn’t been exposed to a wing-wang since that unfortunate incident with Ann Coulter, and we all know how that turned out.

* If by “last year” you mean December 2003.


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Yes, that whole AIDS thing has just GOT to be a joke. I find it to be a real rib-tickling knee-slapper to think that ANYONE would want to educate people about HIV and and the ‘non-tear and saliva’ methods of transmitting it.


Yeah, it’s a bunch of laughs, but A.C. Green’s Game Plan abstinence program is totally unsnarkable.


I just want to know who’s gonna cop to being the little blue guy….


It all makes sense when you realize wingnuts want people to die for their sexual misbehavior. It’s also why they don’t want AIDS to be cured — how else will “those people” be punished?


Christ, don’t tell her about Trojan’s “Trojan Games” ad campaign, which recently won several advertising awards in the U.K.

Here’s one of the ads (NSFW), and here’s the Trojan Games site.



“‘The Three Amigos’ was conceived and written in South Africa. The characters, props and layouts were designed and created in Canada, and the background and animation was done in India, Kharas said. More than 320 people volunteered to support the project.”

It must be one of those UN scandals. You know, other countries trying to make us look bad, calling us stingy and war criminals and all. What’s that about? Why can’t we be left alone to slaughter those people that don’t agree with or look like us?


It was a quarter century ago that pornography drove the VCR market, and about a decade after that was when porn invented several of the internets. It’s one thing if you don’t want any hint of S..E..X.. comin’ into your house during the dinner hour. It’s quite another to pretend everyone else shares your phobia.


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