Yo Ahmad, let’s figure out the details later, ok?

The Associated Press reports:

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) – Iraq’s interim government voted Tuesday to establish a war crimes tribunal to prosecute top members of Saddam Hussein’s regime, two people who attended the meeting said. …

One Governing Council member, Younadem Kana, told The Associated Press that the court’s proceedings would be open to the Iraqi public – and possibly broadcast on television.

In the unlikely event that Saddam himself is captured alive, he presumably would be tried by the special tribunal as well.

It remained unclear whether the law included the death penalty, although Kana said most council members agreed it should – “like in Texas.”

American legal advisers coached the Governing Council lawyers who drafted the tribunal law, which is similar to proposals made in Washington in April. But Kana said the decision to ratify the law was the council’s alone.

Before the council’s decision, Entifadh Qanbar, spokesman for Governing Council member Ahmad Chalabi, said the details of the court remained to be worked out.

He said he envisioned 10 courthouses, each with five judges and five prosecutors, along with a nine-judge appeals court. Qanbar said public defenders would be made available to suspects who couldn’t afford their own attorneys. [Emphasis added]

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Texas style justice…now there’s a comforting thought.


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