Well, he does have the right qualifications

For those playing at home, you can take part in an online chat later today about Social Security reform with Charles P. Blahous, Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy. Chuck comes with a background that is ideally suited to economic policy:

Blahous received a Ph.D. in computational quantum chemistry from the University of California/Berkeley in 1989. He received his undergraduate degree, also in chemistry, from Princeton University in 1985.

Sounds like just the guy you want in there. Rumor has it he wanted to be an architect.


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Rumor has it he wanted to be an architect.

No, actually, he just wanted to pretend to be an architect.


But he has pretended to be a marine biologist!


Were that he had become one. Most architects I know have a sound understanding of economics, as the property market, development and thus their employment link so strongly into the fluctuation of the economy. Not to mention understanding borrowing, budgets and management.


As a chemist, I must object. A Ph.D. in chemistry from Berkeley is quite prestigious, and the skills you learn in analytical thinking would be very useful in a job like that. If he believes Social Security is in crisis, he’s a complete wanker, though.


If only he had become an importer/exporter of been in latex, he might understand more about economics.


He wanted to pretend to be an architect because he wasn’t up to pretending to be a city planner.


Actually, he is an algae pretending to be a fungi who was forced into pretending to be a chemist. Only, no one has caught on to this yet and a serious miscasting is going on as he is made into an economist.

Which begs the question – are all rightwingnut economists really fungi under that masquerade?


Those are just his formal credentials. I believe he studied independently under Drs. Vandelay and Van Nostrand.


And isn’t he somehow involved in that Kramerica company?


You didn’t even mention his work in the emerging field of baseball studies! (I’m not kidding, it’s in the next paragraph of the White House bio).


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