That seems to be about wrong

Sadly, No! loves the James Wolcott, but this?

Bernard Kerik was a guest on the show. Look what happened to him. Deep doo-doo up to his bald crown.

An isolated instance? Sadly, no.

We’d say something flippant, but truth is that we’re afraid of the poodle.


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It was homage, I’m sure. Clearly, the absence of the link was an oversight, to be corrected after a gentle reminder from your legions of dedicated readers. Barring that, a visit from some of Bernie Kerik’s alleged associates might do the trick.


Wolcott should at least link to you 😉

If I ran a network, my Sunday pundit show lineup would include Wolcott, Dr. No, skippy, Bartcop and s.z. For balance, I would bring on a guest wingnut each week and let them run the gauntlet.


Now that he IS linking, I’m thinking that this “controversy” was another cheap S,N! publicity stunt. How much did you pay him for this? A quarter mil? A cool mil? Two mil?


Linked! Wolcott proves he’s not only a talented writer but also a classy individual. S,N is even added to his blogroll.


Wow, you’re hitting the big time now. Don’t let it go to your head, or you won’t be able to get out the door.


Seb is lucky that James Wolcott didn’t come here during the Dahonger url-jacking incident.


If you’re scared of poodles, you should meet my grandmother’s poodle Pierre Paris. I kid you not, that is his name.


I love The Poodle too. He is such class act.

I wish CNN would hand over their Ho(rror) Kurtz time slot to George Johnston but only if he would also add Ailes (Not Evil One) and RudePundit to that menage and then bring in one MSM person to run that gauntlet.


He should have linked to you from the beginning. After all, if you ever put “James Wolcott” in one of your stories I’m sure you would link to him.


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