Weekend Dahonger Blogging

Try as we might to offer an interesting blog product for your pleasure, some of you still complain about the fact that Sadly, No! no longer redirects to dahonger.com. (It’s true!)

In an effort to reach you good people halfway, we offer this week’s featured dahonger picture. Remember, you asked for it. Although only god (and possibly Doug Giles,) knows why.



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The one on the right is highly doable…unless she’s a chunker.


Is this going to replace Flash Fridays?!



Yeah! My prayers have been answered! Thank God for my keyboard and my six-pack of Bud!


Weekend Blog Update

It looks like Dr. No! of Sadly, No! has taken it upon himself to answer repeated requests for a periodic update on Dahonger (a.k.a The Hijacker). I particularly like the sensitive comment from Grozer.


Pardon me while I go bleach my eyes…


Dahonger got some fat ugly chicks to kiss. I bet he thinks he’s a fucking pimp.


I don’t know, the fat one on the left has a nice looking tongue.


I didn’t realize a picture could make me even gladder to be gay, but there’s the proof.



Okay, you don’t have to fire Seb now.


DaHonger Rules! He totally got those chicks to make out!


Who Would Cry For Me? Argentina?

While I was gone, General Glut and Rodger A. Payne dropped me from their blogrolls, while Seb dropped me along with his whole template in becoming, briefly, Sadly, Nude (but he had a great rack! [inside joke]).

Only digamma was concerned enough to…


I know who dahonger is. Is anyone interested. I havn’t spoken to him in quite a long time and so I thought I’d take a look at his website and I found you guys. I can’t even get to dahonger.com anymore. I don’t know if he changed his site or what. He’s been called Dahonger for years and I know why.


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