Notes from the Management

In no particular order:

  • Those who enjoy commenting on wingnuttery should be sure to read the blogspot version of Adam Yoshida. Because on that one, Adam Yoshida welcomes your comments. Please go check out Adam Yoshida now.
  • Pete of Dark Window fame has sent us an email indicating that he is being held by Wilson Lucom, and needs one million dollars to pay his ransom. He has asked that you send the money directly to us, as he believes his wife may involved in the conspiracy.
  • Somehow we still have some invitations to gmail. Leave a comment if you want one.
  • We’re sorry our blogroll died when we upgraded to MT3. Frankly we don’t care for the new stylesheet and have a few “under the hood” things to do before we can get things back to normal.
  • Comments, complaints or suggestions about the way we run this outfit? Now’s your chance to spend a lot of time offering thoughtful pointless criticism, only to be ignored.
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    Want a GMail invite?

    I’ve been able to get 2 accounts just in the last few minutes using this website. It’s so easy to use.

    just keep refreshing and when you see that there are available invites, quickly enter your email and it’ll send you the invite.

    It’s that easy!


    Did you know that scientists who claim that global warming is real say so because they’re afraid that their daughters might be tied up by environmental terrorists? see


    Adam Yoshida with a pro-torture post.


    I prefer to lurk & enjoy, but the combination of the Brain Cherry hoot-fest below (luv the Onion link, busted my substantial gut) and the gmail offer have elicited my first blog comment.

    Feel free to pass on a spare invite, and keep up the fight.



    Soooo, about that Gmail invite… Me! Me!


    oooooo… I want one too!!!


    “Comments, complaints or suggestions about the way we run this outfit?”

    You should fire that Seb guy.

    And bring back Dahonger!


    And bring back Dahonger!

    Agreed. This snark thing is getting old. I want to see more pictures of Dahonger and his slutty girlfriend.


    I don’t know what a gmail is, is it like the gspot my wife is always yammering about? Anyway, I want one. mail, not spot. And fuck Dahonger and his ugly girlfriend.


    gmail for me, if you please.
    gmail for me if you don’t please.


    Good to know Pete’s still around. I’ll pony up for some of his ransom, but not until you assure me that he isn’t really married to s.z. I can’t compete with her haunches, and I’ll be damned if I let someone else ride him to ground on the steppes.


    All the cool kids have gmail….. Can you help a brother out?


    Did you get my donation to the ransom fund yet? Sorry a 1/4 million was all I had to spare this week!

    what’s gmail? guess I’m not one of the cool kids 🙁


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