Blogtopia’s version of Three Strikes and You’re Out!

Brad Reed points out Kaye Grogan’s latest masterpiece and asks that we consider piling on.

Yet given that Brad, The Editors and Apostropher have taken a whack, we think we’ll sit this one out.


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Isn’t “Grogan” an old alt.tasteless term for a turd? Why, yes, yes it is:

“GROGAN: A piece of shit”.

What an unremarkable coincidence.

Phoenician in a time of Romans

Beat you to that observation…


Yes, those damn illegal immigrants are outsourcing all our jobs!

Ummm. WTF?!


Give Grogan a mullet and one of those pro-wrestler platinum dye jobs, and you know what you’d get? This.


Isn’s she the one who used to have a mugshot dressed as my Aunt Ruth’s sofa? I liked that one better.

Though she does get extra credit for the new photo taken halfway through a big old turd.


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