Now that’s classy

Nothing says class like using someone’s death as an opportunity to plug your book:

While I disagreed strongly with Matsui‘s stance on the WWII evacuation/relocation/internment and his opposition to anti-terror threat profiling (see pp. xvi-xvii of In Defense of Internment), he was a dedicated public servant.


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Reminds me of when Mr. Potter was eulogizing George Bailey’s father in “It’s a Wonderful Life.”


I think Michelle’s volunteering for the “lock ’em up for life if we don’t have a case” program the Bush team’s planning for their secret prisoners all over the world. I say test it on her and get back to the rest of us in, say, 35 years before deciding whether to expand the secret political prison system.


Duh! Of course Mr. Matsui opposed “anti-terror profiling”: he himself was profiled as an espionage threat!

You just can’t trust them six-month-old babies. I had one. I know.

And I love how it is now “anti-terror” profiling instead of “racial” profiling. Because, you know, without racial characteristics, the psychologists at the FBI have no criteria by which to assess a terror threat.


While I disagree with Malkin that national loyality and patriotism can be determined by racial characteristics alone I will defend to the death her right to hate herself.


I really cannot stand Malkin, or pimping stuff.

As I recently said on my blog.😉


Even worse than a link to, Malkin’s got a direct “buy this book” link. (Hey, you can get signed copies for all the non-Caucasians on your gift list!). Then I got distracted by the “Errata” section for the book. Those stand-up conservatives, always owning up to their mistakes:

page 311, second photo caption: Bismarck is in North Dakota, not South Dakota.


RIP, ka-ching!

Michelle Malkin: master of tact….


I hope Malkin gets the role of the maid when there is a Kerik TV biopic.


What happens when terrorist like McViegh slip through the net? You know, blond blue eyed Christians? Can we put them in camps? If we can, I say go for it. And also that Cherry guy, and the preacher who doesn’t know he’s gay, or else does and denies it. Giles, I think. Or any Christian who doesn’t actually practice Christianity. Those guys are the worst of all.


Nothing says class like using someone’s death as an opportunity to plug your book…

Sadly, No!: Now that’s classy


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