Another blogger hits the big time

Needless to say, it ain’t us.

Jo Fish of Democratic Veteran sends us an email to let us know that:

the folks who run the Internets Radio show “Subject to Discussion” out of Las Vegas have asked me to appear on Weds the 5th of January at 11PM eastern.

Thought you might be interested in tuning in here:, click on the “live events” button, and chatting along with us via whatever IRC thing they use. If you think your readers might be interested, please feel free to let them know.


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Yeah Frist, I kick all you arzes.

Congrats Mr Fish, even though I think it is somewhat homosexual to ever say anything vaguely nice to another guy.

I went to a single sex high school.


I was on the Internets Radio in Chicago (Collective Interest Radio) months ago (an hour-long interview on how we’re war criminals), although I can’t find a link to prove it. Fame is fleeting on the Internets.


Speaking of the Internets, here’s what GWB said in Arlington Heights, Illinois on October 24, 2000 (according to this here calendar):

It’s important for us to explain to our nation that life is important. It’s not only life of babies, but it’s life of children living in, you know, the dark dungeons of the Internet.

So let’s take a moment to remember poor Amber Pawlik, locked up somewhere in Seb’s dark Internet dungeons.


Don’t feel badly. Did I get an email from DemVet? Sadly, no!


Wait, wait…I could have a DUNGEON with my Internet?! Dammit, why am I always the last to know! I want a dungeon! But not for children, no; mine would be for the cheese logs at Clownhall! True, I would have to order an XXL iron maiden for Goldberg, but it would be worth the expense.


Frederick: Wonderful quote! This proves not only that Bush doesn’t do nuance but also that he shouldn’t do metaphor either. A metaphor in the mouth of Bush is a horrible thing to behold (or behear, whichever).


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